Nick Kyrgios admits to contemplating suicide, opens up on how he ended up in a psychiatric ward

Nick Kyrgios opens up on the darkest time of his life as Netflix's BreakPoint release new episode featuring the Australian mercurial.

Nick Kyrgios admits to contemplating suicide, opens up on how he ended up in a psychiatric ward

Nick Kyrgios (Credits: Scroll)

One of the most colorful characters in tennis is Nick Kyrgios. The former World No. 11 was always dubbed as one of the biggest names when growing up. While he did make a bright start, things went south for him quickly. A person who refuses to be locked in the forced guidelines, his way of emoting disapproval made him infamous.

Kyrgios was the runner-up at the 2022 Wimbledon. Having turned Pro in 2013, it took him nearly a decade to reach a Major final. He had however tasted Grand Slam title success at the 2022 Australian Open partnering childhood mate Thanasi Kokkinakis in the men’s doubles. His wait for his maiden single Major however continues.


While people may criticize him for whatever his way of emoting is, none can deny he brings fans to the sport. This was one of the biggest reasons he was starred in the first episode of Netflix’s docu-series BreakPoint. After going down the spiral in 2019 due to poor performances, the Aussie mercurial made some shocking revelations.

 “My dad, I think he just wants me to be happy, because you know there were times at Wimbledon where I wasn’t at the best head-space. I was pretty bad here three years ago. 2019 was the lowest point of my career. That pressure, having all eyes on you, the expectation, I couldn’t deal with it. I hated the kinda person I was.

“I was drinking, abusing drugs, lost my relationship with my family, pushed all my close friends away. You could tell I was hurting. Like my whole arm was covered in scars – that is why I actually got my arm sleeve to cover it all. I was genuinely contemplating if I wanted to commit suicide,” said Kyrgios during episode six of the series.


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Nick Kyrgios credits his heart-touching conversation with his father as a rescue call

Nick Kyrgios and his father
Nick Kyrgios and his father Giorgos (Credits:

The biggest rescue call for Nick Kyrgios came from his father Giorgos. Having seen his son rise up the ranks very early as a kid, it became difficult for Kyrgios Sr. to see his son’s downfall. Nick recalled how his dad’s presence and emotional state made him realize his own mistakes.

“I lost at Wimbledon. I woke up and my dad was just sitting next to me on the bed and he was, like, full-blown crying,” said Nick. Giorgos was then seen saying, “I told him, this is not the right path mate. You know, you have got bigger and better things to chase. He was in tears.”


The conversation hit home for Nick. The four-time Tour title winner added, “That was a big wake-up call for me. I was like, okay, I cannot keep doing this. I ended up in a psych ward in London to figure out my problems.”

Kyrgios’ outspoken behavior has long been criticized. He has also been called the new ‘Bad Boy of tennis’, a monicker previously given to John McEnroe. His on-court brilliance is often overshadowed by his actions and it has hurt him over the years. The win in Australian Open last year however saw him realise his hunger for more success and has been working hard for his goals.

He however suffered an injury setback in October 2022 and only made his season debut this week with the commencement of the grass season.


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