Nick Kyrgios questions the authorities on a potential fine for Marc Polmans who angrily hit the chair umpire during the Shanghai Masters qualifiers

Polmans lost his temper after an unforced error on match point in the qualifier of Shanghai Masters

Nick Kyrgios questions the authorities on a potential fine for Marc Polmans who angrily hit the chair umpire during the Shanghai Masters qualifiers

Marc Polmans and Nick Kyrgios.

Australian tennis player Marc Polmans was handed an immediate disqualification in his Shanghai Masters qualifier against Italian Stefano Napolitano after he smashed the ball straight into the umpire’s face. The Australian was on match point when he hit an unforced error in the second set tiebreak and let his emotions get the better of him. The ball struck the face of Scottish umpire Ben Anderson, who was sitting just 4 meters away from the player.


Polman’s disqualification means that he will lose the prize money and ranking points he won during the tournament. The ATP has yet to comment on the further course of action for the violation of their code of conduct.

Polman’s Australian counterpart, Nick Kyrgios, questioned the tennis authorities on the extent of the fines, pointing out the actions taken against him. “Interested to see what the fine will be all things considered (15 thousand pounds) for the bottle shake at Queens,” he wrote on the social media site ‘X’.

The incident that Kyrgios is referring to in his post happened at the Queens tournament in 2018. The Aussie was fined $17,500 by the ATP after he was caught on camera making an obscene gesture involving a water bottle at Queen’s Club. 


Kyrgios was fined the same amount again at the Queen in 2019 for unsportsmanlike conduct after a series of outbursts at officials. After an explosive rant against the chair umpire, Fergus Murphy, Kyrgios went on to accuse one of the line judges of “rigging” the match.

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Nick Kyrgios earlier called out the ATP for not being even-handed

Nick Kyrgios has often called out the ATP for what he believes is an asymmetry in the actions taken against him and other players on the tour. Kyrgios landed himself in another controversy after he called the ATP “corrupt” following an incident at the Cincinnati Masters.

nick kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios.

The Aussie lashed out at the ATP in a press conference at the 2019 US Open when asked about the $113,000 fine he was handed after a second-round defeat to Russia’s Karen Khachanov at the Cincinnati Masters. Kyrgios was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct, verbal abuse, and audible obscenity after arguing with the chair umpire and smashing two rackets during a meltdown.


Asked by the press if the fine would affect his performance, Kyrgios replied, “Not at all. The ATP is pretty corrupt anyway, so I’m not fussed about it at all.” Nick Kyrgios has struggled with injuries this year and has played only one competitive game.

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