“Tennis by far,” Nick Kyrgios rebukes NFL being toughest sport as debate continues

Kyrgios has often commented on tennis being a mentally and physically draining sport.

“Tennis by far,” Nick Kyrgios rebukes NFL being toughest sport as debate continues

Australian tennis star, Nick Kyrgios recently labeled tennis as the most difficult sport in the world. In reply to a discussion about some of the highly aggravating sports, Kyrgios staunchly nominated tennis as the toughest one. He commented on his opinion on his Instagram story to end all debates on the matter.


In 2023. Kyrgios has not started his season yet. The World No.22 suffered a severe knee injury prior to the Australian Open. Since then, he underwent surgery and is currently recuperating from the operation. Kyrgios is often active on social media and occasionally speaks on the intensity of tennis as well.

In response to the argument, Kyrgios chose his own sport over National Rugby League (NRL) as discussed by the podcast hosts. The hosts were debating over which sport was, in fact, the most taxing physically. They talked about the NFL, NBL, and AFL among others. The Aussie posted his own answer on his Instagram story.

He stated, “Tennis is by far the toughest sport in the world. I’m not even kidding,”. He further substantiated his claim by posting a clip of a 2017 Miami Open match against Roger Federer. The match spanned over 3 and a half hours, according to Kyrgios. He also commented on the post to explain the reasons behind his claim.


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Nick Kyrgios lists reasons behind tennis being the most difficult sport

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Additionally, Kyrgios also commented on the post to elaborate on the reasons for the extremities behind tennis. The player has often termed tennis to be mentally and physically exhausting. The Wimbledon finalist has explained that the constant traveling and distance from family is also tiresome.

In the comments, Nick elaborated on his reason, saying that the long-lasting hours and being away from home for unprecedented durations are challenging. He also stated how pressurizing tennis can be, because players have to compete on their own as compared to some of the other sports mentioned by the hosts.

Involves, physicality, mental capacity, tactical awareness, all alone on an island, no teammates and no coaches,” said Kyrgios. The Australian was due to participate in the Indian Wells tournament to start his season, according to reports. However, he withdrew from the draw, claiming he was still undergoing recovery from his injury.


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