“Trying to be something I’m not,” Nick Kyrgios reveals going “against the grain” all his life in a candid conversation with Jay Shetty

The Aussie icon opened up on his constant battle to mold his personality to please his critics on the tennis court.

“Trying to be something I’m not,” Nick Kyrgios reveals going “against the grain” all his life in a candid conversation with Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty and Nick Kyrgios (images via IMAGO)

Former World No. 13 Nick Kyrgios continues to remain away from the tennis courts owing to his injury. The Australian injured himself in the 2022 season and had to end his season prematurely. As a result, he could not start his season in Australia and played a single match in the 2023 season.

His recovery has not gone well and the former Wimbledon finalist is yet to play in the 2024 season. He was expected at the 2024 Australian Open but withdrew eventually to not take a risk like Rafael Nadal. He has since turned analyst and commentator to compensate for missing the Tour action for his fans.

The Aussie mercurial was recently in a conversation with author Jay Shetty. Shetty is a British author and podcast host rising in fame through his internet personality. The duo touched upon various topics of which one was ‘going against the grain’, the famous phrase that is used to define a person’s behavior that’s contrary to their natural self.

While Kyrgios is known for his on-court antics and behavior that’s not traditionally aligned with tennis players, Shetty also had an interesting career trajectory. He was influenced by monk Gauranga Das during a session in his business school. He then spent a few years himself as a monk before turning into a life coach.

During their conversation, the seven-time ATP title winner talked about how he faced the challenge of ‘going against the grain’. He however went on to admit that he has two very different personalities when it comes to being on and off the court and how it played a part in his life.

Going against the grain, the more that I was normal and put into like well-behaved or a good classy not rough around the edges, just a normal tennis player. That was for me was going against the grain. 
Said Kyrgios.
So I actually have spent my entire life trying to be something that I'm not which was trying to be a classy tennis player. Carry myself like a true gentleman, which I am, but on the court I'm not.  So it's like that was against the grain for me. But then when I started just being myself, I started finding some happiness. 
Added the Aussie.

No comeback date yet fixed for Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios has always been quite vocal about the different issues he battled while growing up. From body shaming to racist behavior towards him when he turned Pro, the Aussie has never shied away from talking about these things.

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios (Via Imago)

He then compared how he is different from Shetty. The former Australian Open doubles winner went on to mention how Shetty’s desire to be a monk can’t be compared to his trying to behave ‘gentlemanly’ on the tennis courts.

This purposefully subdued behavior rather just built up more frustration. The Briton was quick to acknowledge and agree to the point before putting his experience of trying to mold himself into something that he wasn’t.

While it was nice to listen in to Kyrgios be more open about his real personality, the news that his fans want remains a secret. The Aussie has sealed his lips on his comeback and if one is to fathom a guess, it’s unlikely before June.

Kyrgios has not been a big fan of clay and with him returning from an injury, in all likeliness he could skip the surface where chances of injury are comparatively more. With his game suited for grass as well, one could see the Aussie attempt to return to the Tour post the French Open but an official confirmation is yet to come.

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