Novak Djokovic continues to defend his position on covid-19 vaccine, says he is “pro freedom to choose”

Djokovic will be the top seed at the 2024 Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic continues to defend his position on covid-19 vaccine, says he is “pro freedom to choose”

Novak Djokovic interview (Source: screengrab @60 Minutes/YouTube)

Back in 2022, the Novak Djokovic ‘no-vax’ drama was all that the tennis world was talking about. The issue had become so big that it led to the Serb missing out on a total of six tournaments, including two Grand Slam titles.

About two years later, he recently gave an interview to 60 minutes, in the teaser of which, he can be seen explaining how his stand was misunderstood by the world and misrepresented by the media. The full interview will be released today. 


In 2022, when all the governments were busy promoting the COVID-19 vaccine and it was a global understanding that everyone must take it, Djokovic refused to abide by this compulsion. He thought that taking a vaccine should be someone’s personal choice and must not be forced upon. 

The Australian and American governments threatened to not allow him to enter their respective countries to participate in the Australian Open and the US Open, respectively, but that did not change the Serb’s stand and he did not play in those tournaments in 2022. He missed out on the Australian Open, BNP Paribas Open, Miami Open, US Open in 2022, and Miami Open and Indian Wells in 2023 for his stand. 

In the teaser of the interview, Djokovic can be said to have explained to the interviewer that he was never in favor of or against the vaccine. He was just pro-freedom and thought that people should have the freedom to decide whether they would take it or not.

People tried to declare me as anti-vax. I’m not anti-vax. Nor I am pro-vax. I’m pro-freedom to choose
Novak Djokovic on 60 minutes

Novak Djokovic’s sweet revenge against the organizers of the Australian Open and US Open

Djokovic proved his doubters wrong in the 2023 season by winning practically everything. After not being allowed to appear in the Australian and US Open in 2022, he won both the Grand Slam in 2023, which was a sensational comeback for the Serb. 

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic (Source: Tennishead)

After missing out on the Australian Open in 2023, Djokovic had said he was extremely disappointed by the Australian court’s ruling. The organizers of the Australian Open had also later stated,

As the Australian tennis family, we recognize that recent events have been a significant distraction for everyone and we deeply regret the impact this had on all players.

The Serb had one of the finest campaigns of his career in the 2023 season. He won three out of the four Grand Slam this season and was the runner-up at Wimbledon as well. Apart from that, he also won the 2023 ATP Finals, the Paris Masters, the Cincinnati Open, and Adelaide 1. 


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