Novak Djokovic’s co-founded PTPA’s executive director believes tennis could earn big profits by adopting the English Premier League’s model  

The executive director of PTPA reveals a few possible changes to boost tennis revenue.

Novak Djokovic’s co-founded PTPA’s executive director believes tennis could earn big profits by adopting the English Premier League’s model  

Ahmad Nassar and Novak Djokovic (Via Open source)

There have always been speculations around the tennis community about merging both ATP and WTA tours to create a super tour. Recently, even Novak Djokovic’s co-founded PTPAs executive director thought the same about adopting the English Premier League style in tennis.

The tennis league has four Grand Slam events and nine Masters 1000 events. The executive director of PTPA believes that if a super league is formed combining the 13 events, it would leave the minor events in the hands of the ATP and WTA, which is a huge disadvantage for the players. The players have to rely on these low-tier tournaments to gain their points, which would be extremely difficult to do. 


Hence, the PTPA’s executive director believes in adopting the Premier League style to boost low-tier tournaments and boost the revenue of the sport.

I think this is a unique, frankly generational opportunity, whether it’s what was reported or any of these other options, to fundamentally reform the top end of tennis. Similar to the creation of the EPL. And then that can elevate the entire sport because you’re going to care. 
Said the executive director via Daily Express.

The EPL distributes its TV revenue to the clubs, especially in second- and third-tier tournaments like Champions and League 1. This allows the other low-tier tournaments to attract more viewers and stay afloat. Ahmad Nassar believes that tennis should also implement this strategy to increase revenue while keeping in mind the low-tier tournaments.

Ahmad Nassar, executive director of PTPA happy with where PTPA is at right now

The executive director of Novak Djokovic’s co-founded PTPA was recently in an interview where he spoke about the sport and about the possible recombination in the sport. With only a few organizations like PTPA, Nasar confidently states that PTPA is doing very well where it currently is.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic (Via ESPN)
“We don’t have the luxury that some others in business and in sports have of saying, ‘This is good, we’re fine with where we’re at.’ And because of that, I think we can help push people to making the necessary changes to really bring the sport to where it should be,” said Ahmad Nassar. 

Additionally, he believes that there has never been an independent focus on players, and it is more of a committee. PTPA has always been there for players who have financially struggled in their careers.

While there will also be people who do not believe in the works of PTPA, it is to be seen how this organization will get more people under their wing and expand their reach in the future.

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