“More than an a**,” Martina Navratilova bashes George Santos amid the latest charges filed against him

Martina Navratilova was straightforward in calling out the Congressman.

“More than an a**,” Martina Navratilova bashes George Santos amid the latest charges filed against him

Martina Navratilova, George Santos (Images via NBC News, CBS)

Martina Navratilova is not the one to hold her opinions back. The former tennis ace likes to share her views on anything and everything and it was no exception for George Santos’ case. As the GOP Rep. got expelled in a historic vote on Friday, Navratilova shared her opinion about Santos, calling him an a**. 

Navratilova reshared a post on X (formerly Twiter) that quoted Nancy Mace calling the Republican an a** but also defending him by saying that he is innocent until proven guilty. As Mace defended her decision to vote against the expulsion on social media, she faced heat from the netizens.


A user called out her statement defending Santos. He argued that Mace’s comments were not right, considering there was enough evidence that proved George Santos was guilty of the charges pressed against him.

This post from the user was reshared by Navratilova, who agreed saying Santos was more than an a**. 

More than an a** indeed.
Martina Navratilova wrote on X for George Santos.

Why was George Santos expelled?

George Santos was expelled from the House of Representatives, aka the Congress, on Friday with a majority of members voting in favor of his expulsion. The voting numbers read 311-114 in favor of the motion. Although his party members, the Republicans, tried to save himself, it turned out to be a failure as House Speaker Mike Johnson announced the final count.

George Santos (Image via ABC News)

This expulsion becomes historic, as Santos is only the sixth member ever expelled from the US House. The first three fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. The other two were expelled after being convicted of crimes.

This severe punishment comes after a damning report from the House ethics committee, detailing how Santos used campaign funds for purchases including travel, cosmetic treatment, and luxury goods, changed the political equation.

Although the GOP has pleaded not guilty to the 23 federal charges against him, he will no longer be seen in Congress. But Santos did not seem to accept the verdict as he attacked other members, introducing his expulsion resolution against Jamaal Bowman, who admitted to pulling a fire alarm despite no emergency.


He also called Max Miller, a Republican from Ohio, an “accused woman beater”. It remains to be seen what will be his next course of action.

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