Nick Kyrgios challenges Piers Morgan to settle scores on the court over him boasting about winning a point against Serena Williams

Kyrgios subtly pulled Piers Morgan's legs over the presenter's out-of-shape body.

Nick Kyrgios challenges Piers Morgan to settle scores on the court over him boasting about winning a point against Serena Williams

Nick Kyrgios challenges Piers Morgan for a game over the latter's constant bragging about winning a point against Serena Williams (Images via Screengrab YouTube)

Nick Kyrgios is a man with many moods. He is angry, jubilant, frustrated, and sometimes even depressed. But one thing that sticks with him is authenticity. The Australian has said time and again that he wants to be himself, the original, and he practices what he preaches. The same attitude of his was on display when the Australian sat with an interview with Piers Morgan.

It was an unusual sight for the fans to see Morgan and Kyrgios talking to each other, considering their beef on X (formerly Twitter). While Morgan accepted that it was “an interview no one on planet Earth thought would happen”, Kyrgios enjoyed talking to the presenter. But he also subtly challenged Morgan to settle things on the court once he was completely fit.


This challenge came up when Morgan bragged about having won a point against Serena Williams. As the two individuals discussed Nick Kyrgios eating sushi during a press conference at the 2022 Wimbledon and the Australian defended his act by saying he needed to take care of his nutrition, Morgan countered it saying he would never do such a thing.

Kyrgios was quick to give it back saying he would have cared if someone like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic was sitting in front of him, but he would not pay any heed to Morgan. This tempted the English journalist to mention the moment when he won a point against Serena.

I'd like to play you a clip of when I took on Serena Williams in New York. I didn't want to play that clip but you forced me into it with your taunting about not being an elite-level tennis player. That is me beating the greatest female tennis player in history.
Piers Morgan showed off his tennis prowess.

Nick Kyrgios asks Piers Morgan to lay off the pints

As Piers Morgan showed Nick Kyrgios the clip where he wins a point against Serena Williams, the Australian tennis ace complemented Morgan for his technique. Kyrgios said that Morgan’s technique was better than he thought while also challenging him for a game.

Piers Morgan and Nick Kyrgios (Images via Screengrab YouTube)
Yeah you looked good, your technique was a lot better than I thought but you looked in a bit better shape back then Piers. How about when I get healthy we take it to the courts and we sort it out once and for all?
Nick Kyrgios challenged Piers Morgan to come onto the court.

However, Kyrgios, as he is, taunted the journalist over his body going out of shape as compared to what it looks like in the clip. The Australian then advised Morgan to lay off the pints.

You’ve got to lay off the pints.

The two then burst into laughter at this remark from the Australian.

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