“It’s time to come back,” Rafael Nadal confirms his comeback event for the 2024 season ahead of his potential farewell year

Brisbane will mark as the comeback venue for the Spaniard's much awaited return.

“It’s time to come back,” Rafael Nadal confirms his comeback event for the 2024 season ahead of his potential farewell year

Rafael Nadal will be soon returning to the courts (Image Credits: FirstSportz)

The whole tennis world has waited for this prestigious moment for a year. Rafael Nadal has finally confirmed his comeback event for 2024. The Spaniard has been out of the game for a year due to recurring injuries and has since been dropping hints about his possible return to the game.

After declaring that he will surely return to play his supposed farewell season, the ‘king of clay’ confirms the event he will be returning at. 

Hello everyone. After a year away from competition, it's time to come back. It will be in Brisbane, the first week of January. I’ll see you there. 
Rafael Nadal on X

Ever since he was out of the game due to the injury, the 22-time Grand Slam Winner had only one goal in mind which was to give his career a final year of game and that he is going to work hard to give his career a proper send-off. Exactly a year later, the Spaniard will participate in the ATP 250 event which is the tour before the all-exciting Australian Open making the fans believe more in the return of the maestro.

Rafael Nadal confirms his entry into the Brisbane International hoping to start his possible farewell year well

Ever since the 2023 Australian Open incident where Nadal lost early in the second round, he has been out of the game, and a disastrous year to follow. His ranking plummeted beyond 650 and to add to his misery, Novak Djokovic surpassed his for most number of Grand Slam titles. Over the last few months, the Spaniard had shed light on his possible future. He shattered the hearts of millions by announcing his possible retirement next year. However, the fans still wanted another glimpse of the Spaniard and prayed for their idol to give it his all next year.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal (Via Sky Sports)

Now Nadal has answered those prayers and revealed that he will officially return to Brisbane. After a year of misery, it is high time for the 37-year-old to play the tennis the whole world has missed for a year. The 22-time Grand Slam winner also wants to play alongside Carlos Alcaraz at the Paris Olympics which is a huge addition for the Spain team if the ITF gives a green flag. Nonetheless, the whole tennis world is rejoicing in the fact that Nadal has officially announced his return and will be eager to witness their idol play after a year.


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