“Needs to stop talking and start playing”- Fans brutally blast Carlos Alcaraz as World No. 2 promises to stop Novak Djokovic Golden Slam 2024 run

Carlos Alcaraz received intense trolling from some of Nole's fans after the Spaniard's statements that he would stop Djokovic from winning the Golden Slam in the 2024 season went viral. 

“Needs to stop talking and start playing”- Fans brutally blast Carlos Alcaraz as World No. 2 promises to stop Novak Djokovic Golden Slam 2024 run

Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz (image via; Tennis Majors)

Novak Djokovic had a fabulous 2023 season. Having won the Australian Open, US Open, French Open, and the ATP Finals of the season-ending tournament, Nole has proved that age is just a number for him. 

The Serb, even in the twilight of his career, is dominating in the Grand Slams. Djokovic lost just one match in the Grand Slam title, which was the final of Wimbledon, to none other than young talent Carlos Alcaraz


However, the Serb couldn’t end the season at a high, losing out to Jannik Sinner’s Italy in the semis of the Davis Cup. Nole would have liked to finish the season by winning a second Davis Cup with Serbia, but Sinner had other plans.

The 22-year-old showed exemplary resilience and skillset in the pressure situation to knock Djokovic and Serbia out of the Davis Cup. Despite this, Nole had one of the best seasons of his career.

With this form and momentum, there’s no doubt that the Serb is gearing up to win a Golden Slam in 2024. However, the current World No. 2 Alcaraz has reacted in a slightly different way than Nole’s fans would have liked.


The Spaniard was very clear in his statement, saying that he and his team would be there to prevent the same from happening. As expected, Nole’s fans are fuming from the statement of Alcaraz.

There have been social media posts all across the place addressing the fact that Alcaraz talks too much and should focus more on his game. Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

Carlos Alcaraz’s confidence or sheer mind game before the season begins

Notably, Alcaraz is one of the best young talents of his generation. He has shown a great deal of skill for a player his age. The 20-year-old was the only one who could beat Djokovic in this year’s Major Grand Slam title.


With that being said, it will be pretty interesting to see whether Alcaraz is only taking the fight with Djokovic in front of the media or whether it is just mind games. Well, only time will tell. 

Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz (image via: Novak Djokovic)

Nole would be playing for the fifth time in the Olympics. However, things are different this time. It might be the last chance for Nole to step into the Olympics and win gold, which is an illustrious trophy cabinet that is still missing. So, this time Nole will just have one goal in his eyesight, and that is winning the Golden Slam. 

Alcaraz will be playing in the Olympics for the first time in his career and seems to be motivated enough to clash against tennis legend Novak Djokovic himself. However, whatever the result will be, the clash between these two fiercest gladiators will be a treat to watch for the fans.


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