Rafael Nadal refuses to give Carlos Alcaraz any advice due to peculiar personal experience

Rafael Nadal states his reasons on why he is the not the right person to give an advise to tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz.

Rafael Nadal refuses to give Carlos Alcaraz any advice due to peculiar personal experience

Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal pose alongside each other for a photo ahead of their match. (credits: Tennis.com)

Spain has produced numerous tennis greats and among them, Rafael Nadal stands tall and above all. His legacy has been engraved with sheer domination and prowess throughout the years. With his playing days almost coming to an end, Carlos Alcaraz is rising to carry the Spanish baton forth. In a recent interview, Rafael Nadal was asked about Alcaraz’s rapid success and whether he had any advice for him. Nadal replied, “Let’s not rush to judge him.”


When Rafael Nadal sat for an interview with media outlet Movistar on Monday, he was asked to comment on Carlos Alcaraz‘s path to glory in such a short span of time and if he would like to give him any piece of advice for the future. Nadal refused to give any sort of advice to the youngster stating the uncertainty in a sportsman’s life as the reason behind it.

Nadal added, “We do not rush into judgments about him. He has a brutal projection. He has the power, the ambition… But later in the careers of each athlete, many things can happen. It is difficult to advise him. I am very bad at that because I have learned more from examples than from words. But if I had to tell him something, I would only tell him to keep improving. At least, have the hope of doing it, which is what keeps you motivated.”

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How did Rafael Nadal fare up against Carlos Alcaraz during their previous encounters?

While many would want Carlos Alcaraz to learn from the very best in his country if he were to make it to the utmost top in the long run, the young tennis star has already traveled a long way from the very first time he met Rafael Nadal. During the year 2021, at the round of 32 stage of the Madrid Open, an 18-year-old boy was just getting started against the the greatest clay player at his own national tournament.

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Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal embrace each other after their match. (Credits: The Japan Times)

Nadal thrashed the young teenager in straight sets sending him back to work on his weaknesses and shjarpen his abilities. In the very next year at the semi-finals of the IndianWells Masters, the duo faced each other yet again this time Nadal having to work his way past Alcaraz. Just two months after which seems to be their last encounter until now, Alcaraz finally knocked out the tennis great in his very own backyard at the quarter-finals of the Madrid Open.

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