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Renowned journalist honors Roger Federer for setting an example with his astounding grace throughout his career

Renowned journalist speaks about the 20-time Grand Slam singles champion Roger Federer's chivalrous nature and elegance leaving an impression in everyone's minds for years to come.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer, the 20-time Grand Slam singles winner officially bid adieu to the competitive world of tennis at the Laver Cup ending his career that lasted 24 years. He had not been able to play for more than a year due to his third knee surgery which did not recover completely and hindered his chances for a comeback.


Renowned journalist and the hosts of the podcast HangUp and Listen‘, during one of the podcasts, talked about Federer setting an example for everyone with his grace and his chivalrous behavior. He said “It reinforced every feeling I’ve ever had about Roger Federer and why maybe more than other goats. He was a magnet for admiration and respect above everything else. His on-court grace and fluidity are astounding.

He added “Stretch of dominance in the mid to late 2000. His resilience for the next decade. His epic battles, especially with Nadal. His slam titles. His elegance. His Tailor-perfect and tastefully UN logo in tennis outfits. His hair was at its peak. His hair was perfect. Above all of that, what sealed the deal for me about Federer is that he seemed like a decent human being, which is incredible because he was in some ways the least relatable.


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“He didn’t seem intimidating on or off the court” Famous journalist on Roger Federer’s gracious behavior which is highly appreciated by all

Roger Federer

The host of the podcast talked about the Swiss maestro’s elegance and his generosity which has impressed everyone over the years. He said “He was on paper a caricature of European wealth and sophistication. But he wasn’t a sport, a crowd at all. He projected humility and generosity, graciousness toward opponents and family and his team and fans. He didn’t seem intimidating on or off the court, and that made him likable and endearing and also weirdly relatable.

He further added “He conducted himself on and off the court with class. That was in part because he realized as he rose in prominence that he did not want to project a temperamental image to his public, but also because he realized he played better under tight control.

Federer played in the doubles match for the final time on the first day of the Laver Cup with his arch-rival and good friend Rafael Nadal which ended in a bitter way since they lost the match to Team World. The Swiss maestro received one of the emotional goodbyes from each and every person present in the O2 arena. The team members of both teams- Team Europe and Team World as they lifted him up and carried him over their shoulders.

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