‘Rookie’ Ben Shelton discloses how ‘little sister’ Coco Gauff messes with him detailing their special relationship    

Ben Shelton shares about the bond he shares with Coco Gauff.

‘Rookie’ Ben Shelton discloses how ‘little sister’ Coco Gauff messes with him detailing their special relationship    

(L) Coco Gauff, (R) Ben Shelton (Via TheDay, NZ Herald)

The US Open has ended a remarkable season with loads of surprises along the way. 19-year-old Coco Gauff made her country proud by being the youngest to win the US Open and in the men’s Ben Shelton became the youngest player in America to reach the semi-finals of the tournament. Coco and Ben share a unique relationship where they tease each other like siblings.

“She messes with me sometimes… She’ll be like, ‘Hey, what’s up, rookie? How’s the year going so far?” said Ben Shelton in an interview with GQ while talking about his bond with the 19-year-old. Shelton considers Coco Gauff as his ”little sister” and like a typical sibling, Gauff lovingly teases the youngster. Gauff might have gone on to win the US Open but Ben Shelton came into the limelight while having reached the semi-finals where he lost in straight sets against Novak Djokovic.


Fans were fascinated to see the bond the two share as the players consider each other like family who support each other as well as annoy. They rely on each other for encouragement, guidance, and a little mischief as well.

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Ben Sheldon responds to fans who trolled him for his unique celebration

Ben Shelton 'phone' celebration
Ben Shelton ‘phone’ celebration (Via Imago)

Fans all over the world noticed the unique celebration of Ben Shelton in the match against his fellow mate Frances Tiafoe. There was a lot of hate revolving around his ‘phone’ celebrations as the fans termed it as ‘cocky’. In the same interview with GQ, Shelton revealed how he used the hate comments to perform better. “I can use that for fuel, and it helps me play much better with a little bit of a chip on my shoulder,” said the 20-year-old. Fans were bombarding the internet with hate comments and were unhappy with Ben’s supposed ‘cocky’ celebrations.


Ben Shelton has achieved great success in the past and has even announced his arrival by reaching the semi-finals of the US Open. In the interview, he provides the fans with insightful disclosure about his life and friends. The youngster has said that he will be back and it will be interesting to how the fans would react to seeing the American play next.

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