Serena Williams discloses an intimate hack of using her ‘breast milk’ on her face to remove her sunburn marks 

Serena Williams also demonstrated how to use breast milk to remove sunburn marks.

Serena Williams discloses an intimate hack of using her ‘breast milk’ on her face to remove her sunburn marks 

Serena Williams demonstrated how she uses breast milk to get rid of sunburn marks (Images via TikTok video)

American women’s tennis ace Serena Williams has shared a unique hack she uses to remove sunburn marks on her face. The 23-time Grand Slam champion has claimed that she uses her breast milk to get rid of sunburn marks. Williams put a video on TikTok demonstrating how she uses her breast milk to remove sunburn marks. 

The 42-year-old who bid adieu to the sport last year is pretty active on social media as she keeps sharing her life updates with her fans. Williams, a mother to two daughters often shares videos from her daily life on TikTok. And in one such latest video, the 42-year-old revealed the remedy for her sunburn marks on her face. 


Serena Williams revealed that as her skin is too sensitive, she often gets sunburn marks on her face, especially under her eyes. The former tennis ace then went on to reveal her home remedy to get rid of those marks. Williams said that she came across this hack and is giving it a try. 

I have sensitive skin. I was in the sun. Long story. Anyway, I'm trying some breast milk. It works for my kid. They say put breast milk on everything and I have a lot of extra so I'm going to try it for a week or so under my eye and see how it goes.
Serena Williams said in her TikTok video.

The 42-year-old then revealed in the caption that it did work for her.

Ok is this totally weird??? I have to say after a week of using MY breast milk under my eye - it worked! I’m dying to hear your thoughts. Be nice lol.

How right is Serena Williams in her claims about breast milk’s effects on sunburn marks?

Serena Williams’ claims about breast milk helping in getting rid of sunburn marks on her face might be true to a certain extent as studies show that breast milk has anti-inflammatory effects. This means that it can help in the treatment of skin-related problems.

Serena Williams (Image via WTA)
Recently, a few studies have been published on the topical anti-inflammatory effects of human breast milk in the treatment of skin problems, such as atopic eczema and diaper dermatitis
Reads an excpert of a report published on Milk Therapy: Unexpected Uses for Human Breast Milk.

Although the report talks more about breast milk being helpful for the child, others can also benefit from it. So, the tennis ace might be bang on with this unique hack which many don not know.

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