WATCH: Stan Wawrinka posts practice video a month after his injury at Metz as he prepares for his comeback at the 2024 Australian Open

Wawrinka suffered an ankle injury in the Moselle Open (Metz) last month.

WATCH: Stan Wawrinka posts practice video a month after his injury at Metz as he prepares for his comeback at the 2024 Australian Open

Stan Wawrinka (Sources: screengrab/Instagram)

Stan Wawrinka is set to take part in the 2024 Australian Open. The Swiss international, who has almost recovered from the injury that he suffered a month ago at Metz, was named on the entry list for the Australian Open as one of the unseeded players.

The 38-year-old is apparently on a mission to prove that age is just a number and he is expected to break a few more records in the first Grand Slam of 2024 as well. 


He is currently the oldest player in the Top 100 ATP rankings and earlier this year; he became the oldest player to win a singles match at the US Open since 1992. Stan did not have a brilliant campaign on the 2023 tour, but the fact that he is still playing top-level tennis at this age is extremely impressive.

His prime came around 2014. Back then, he was World No. 3. He won the 2014 Australian Open, the 2015 French Open, and the 2016 US Open

Stan Wawrinka suffered an injury against Luca Van Assche during his round-of-16 match in the Metz Open and was forced to retire. He was playing very well and could have probably even won the match had it not been for the injury. It was later known that he had fractured his ankle in the process. 


A few days after the incident, Wawrinka posted a picture of him and his plastered leg on social media to give an update on his injury. He has now posted a video of him practicing on the court on Instagram, which clearly shows that the Swiss is doing much better and the preparations for the Australian Open are going on in full swing. “4 weeks later. Step by step! Trust the process,” he wrote in the caption. 

Stan Wawrinka thrashes Australian Open for preponing the tournament by a day

The organizers of the Australian Open recently decided to prepone the 2024 edition of the tournament by a day. Thus, the tournament will start on Sunday this time rather than the usual Monday, which makes it a 15-day event and increases the revenue of the tournament by one day. However, Stan Wawrinka has criticized the organizers for this move. 

Stan Wawrinka
Stan Wawrinka (Source: Sky Sports)
Tennis Australia showed up to say, ‘We’re starting on the first Sunday’, like that, thank you goodbye. Did anyone ask us what we thought about it? No. It’s like that. From the outside, you tell yourself that this is not normal. That means we don’t work together.
Stan Wawrinka told L’Equipe

The Swiss international thinks that preponing the tournament by a day will cause more harm than good to the players. He said that they at least should have consulted with the players before taking this decision but no one seemed to care at all. 


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