WATCH: Taylor Townsend consoles a heartbroken Leylah Fernandez after losing the French Open Finals 

Taylor Townsend wins hearts of the internet after her incredible gesture toward doubles partner Leylah Fernandez.

WATCH: Taylor Townsend consoles a heartbroken Leylah Fernandez after losing the French Open  Finals 

Taylor Townsend and Leylah Fernandez (Image via: Roland Garros)

Taylor Townsend and Leylah Fernandez proved to be promising pair in the Roland Garros women’s doubles. The duo reached the finals to face Hsieh Su-wei and Wang Xinyu but faced a heartbreaking 1-6, 7-6(5), 6-1 defeat to their opponents.


In a video that has been doing rounds post the match, Townsend won the hearts of tennis fans worldwide for her gesture toward Leylah Fernandez. As Leylah sat disheartened and sobbing after the loss, Townsend consoled the 20-year-old while sitting on the bench beside the court.

This was Leylah Frenandez’s maiden Grand Slam Doubles final. However, Townsend had her maiden appearance during the 2022 US Open doubles final alongside Caty McNally. Speaking of Townsend’s words of motivation, Leylah told the press how that motivating pep talk helped raise her spirits.

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Taylor Townsend wins hearts with her gesture toward doubles partner Leylah Fernandez

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Leylah Fernandez and Taylor Townsend (Credits: NBC Sports)

Taylor Townsend has won the internet’s hearts after her video consoling Leylah Fernandez went viral on the internet. The video was even posted by Roland Garros’ official Twitter page, giving a nod to the valiant fight the duo had put up.

The 20-year-old seemed very glad to have the Canadian as her partner, saying she had greatly helped her through the tournament and in her personal growth. After her first-round victory, Fernandez said to the media, “It has helped a lot. You know Taylor is super positive. So say, after I lose or if I win, she always sends me a message, like sending good vibes. I think that has helped me a lot, like acceptance.”

It is noteworthy that Fernandez did not have a satisfying career playing singles. Fernandez added that playing doubles with Townsend has helped her focus more on her game and benefited her in singles matches. She added, “And doubles has helped me to forget about my singles, and let’s move on,” she added. “That’s like focus on the doubles. I want to do well. I want to get through the rounds and we’ve been having a lot of fun on court. And I see the advantage of playing doubles and it has helped me a lot in singles too.

On their way to the Roland Garros final, Townsend and Fernandez beat Jessica Pegula and Coco Gauff 6-0, 6-4 within an hour. The two were favorites amongst the several pairs playing in the women’s doubles category. Despite a tantalizing loss, the tennis fans are all praises for the fight and the show put up by the pair throughout the tournament.


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