“Call out the bulls**t” – Tennis fans term the Madrid Open as ‘failure’ after it SNUBS Coco Gauff and Victoria Azarenka to address the crowd post their title triumph

Players and fans join in discussion as Azarenka's tweet sheds light on issues in tennis world

“Call out the bulls**t” – Tennis fans term the Madrid Open as ‘failure’ after it SNUBS Coco Gauff and Victoria Azarenka to address the crowd post their title triumph

Coco Gauff and Victoria Azarenka (Images via Eurosport and FoxNews)

Fans and players alike were left outraged and appalled by the events that transpired during the Madrid Open women’s doubles final. Despite tradition dictating that finalists deliver speeches following the match, the four athletes who competed – Victoria Azarenka, Beatriz Haddad Maia, Coco Gauff, and Jessica Pegula – were not given the opportunity to do so. The shocking snub left a bitter taste in the mouths of tennis fans worldwide.

Expressing her disapproval towards the events that took place, Victoria Azarenka tweeted, “Hard to explain to Leo that mommy isn’t able to say hello to him at the trophy ceremony”, expressing her disapproval towards the events that took place. Coco Gauf was also furious and she posted this on Twitter, ”Wasn’t given the chance to speak after the final today: (But thank you to the fans for supporting us and women’s tennis this week! Thanks, @JLPegula for always keeping it fun on the court and hitting unreal clutch shots hahahaha Lastly, big congratulations Vika and Bia”.


All four players were thankful to the fans and supportive towards each other but they were clear about being offended by the actions of Madrid Open organizers. The fact that the men’s doubles winners were allowed their customary speeches after their final on Saturday infuriated both the fans and the players further.

This issue is spreading like wildfire on Social media and even a former player Rennae Stubbs commented on the situation. She is a tennis great and she expressed her thoughts on the situation by calling the tournament “a disgrace”.

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Tennis fans react to Victoria Azarenka’s recent tweet

The exact reason behind the snub is unclear, but many have speculated that the decision was made due to time constraints or miscommunication. Regardless, the players and their fans were left deeply disappointed by the lack of recognition for their efforts on the court.

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

The Madrid Open has yet to release an official statement regarding the incident, but the backlash from fans and players is sure to be felt for some time. In a sport that values tradition and sportsmanship, this snub is a disappointing and regrettable turn of events that highlights the need for greater respect and recognition for athletes at all levels of competition.


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