“One last time,” Toni Nadal claims Rafael Nadal’s physical prowess has dropped with his return only to say goodbye on his own terms

Toni Nadal also stated that his nephew is still the same hungry kid that stepped foot on the court two decades ago.

“One last time,” Toni Nadal claims Rafael Nadal’s physical prowess has dropped with his return only to say goodbye on his own terms

(L-R) Toni Nadal and Rafael Nadal during a practice session together. (Credits: Imago)

It has been one of the toughest periods for one of tennis’s greatest ever players, Rafael Nadal. He has been out of the court for almost a year and with news finally persisting about his scintillating comeback to the court, fans are going mad.


With different ways being planned by several individuals to welcome the 22-time Grand Slam winner back to the Brisbane International, Nadal’s uncle had other views about this memorable return.

Toni Nadal gave his statements about his nephew’s final dance, saying that Rafa still is the same hungry kid who stepped foot on the court two decades ago. Though his legs don’t let him match the level, he was a few years ago, according to Toni, Rafa is still the same mentality beast and his dream of enjoying these grand events at the last phase of his career will make him even more competitive.

He has the will to still be here, he loves tennis, he loves competition, he loves the game. It’s his dream to play the tournaments he loves one last time. The more he plays, the more competitive he will be. We know that his legs aren’t the same as they were 10 years ago, but in his head nothing has changed. He still has the same determination.
Toni Nadal via RMC

Rafael Nadal opens up about his sensational comeback next year

Nadal recently posted a video justifying his plans and targets for the future from here on. He talked about how many calculated risks he would be taking from here on considering his age and that he would simply like to enjoy himself during this last phase of his career.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal in action during a match. (credits: Fox Sports)

Moreover, the Spaniard also focused on the fact that he won’t be demanding anything more out of himself like he used to a couple of years ago.

I believe I'm in a different moment, in a different situation and in an unexplored terrain. I have internalised what I have had throughout my life, which is to demand myself the maximum, and right now what I really hope is to be able not to do that, not to demand the maximum, to accept that things are going to be very difficult at the beginning and to give myself the necessary time and forgive myself if things go wrong at the beginning, which is a very big possibility.

He also discussed the shortcomings that he is coming to face in the coming days referring to it as a whole different terrain. The 22 time Grand Slam Winner is well informed about the growing number of talented superstars around him and that accepting the fact that things are going to get harder from here on will be the first aim on his to-do list.

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