Will Novak Djokovic play the 2022 US Open?

After winning the Wimbledon a week ago, its uncertain whether Novak Djokovic is set to take part in the upcoming US Open or not as he is yet to take his Covid vaccination.

After the recent triumph in Wimbledon 2022, champion Novak Djokovic is now ahead of rivals Roger Federer and one short of Rafael Nadal in terms on Grand Slams with 21 titles. He is currently on vacation and fans all around the world are wary of when he is set to return to the court. There has been a lot of buzz around the news channels and the media about the uncertainty regarding his participation in US Open which is set to begin on the end of August. Although when asked about his interest Djokovic has confirmed that he would love to play in the US Open.

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Vaccine or Grand Slam: Novak needs to decide?

But as things stand, he will not be allowed to participate due to his non-vaccination against COVID-19. He is yet to take the Covid vaccine and things can turn out the same way as it was in the Australian Open where he was not permitted to take part in the tournament. On January this year, Novak tried to participate in Australian Open providing a tournament-backed exemption but it ended in his detention and eventually his visa was terminated and finally he was deported from Australia. So every thing is in Djokovic’s hands at the moment and his fans fear that after winning the Wimbledon Novak is no longer interested on taking part in any more tournaments that would involve him in getting vaccinated. They believe that Novak has played the last Slam match of 2022 in Wimbledon final where he beat Nick Kyrgios 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (3) and would no longer put with the hassle of vaccination just to participate in the US Open. Speculation is that after finally winning a Grand Slam in 2022 and breaking Federer’s record for the most weeks atop the ATP is enough to keep him satisfied for the year.

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Despite wining the Wimbledon, times are hard for Djokovic who lost 2,000 points and didn’t receive any points for winning the title which happened when WTA and ATP took the decision of withholding all ranking points as a step to induct ban on players from Russia and Belarus over the war in Ukraine. It is likely that the grand three is set to miss the highly anticipated US Open. Roger Federer chances of a comeback looks very slim as he is yet to play a single match this year and Rafael Nadal who withdrew from the Wimbledon semi finals is out with a torn abdominal muscle. Even Dani Medvedev’s chances hangs on a cliff after he was not allowed to take part in Wimbledon due to the ban imposed on Russian players. And now with no vaccination yet, Djokovic’s participation looks uncertain as well. Djokovic has confirmed that he is in absolute no minds to retire anytime soon and only time will tell if his non-vaccination can turn out to be a big obstacle in achieving titles in the future or not.

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