Wilson’s team manager discloses surprising details about Carlos Alcaraz’s racket and his demands on stringing at the tournaments

Marco Rossani also revealed that Andrey Rublev has been giving the team a tough time this year.

Wilson’s team manager discloses surprising details about Carlos Alcaraz’s racket and his demands on stringing at the tournaments

Marco Rossani (L) and Carlos Alcaraz(R) (Images via SuperTennis and Telegraph India)

Wilson Italia Stringing Team’s team manager Marco Rossani has some interesting revelations on Carlos Alcaraz‘s rackets. According to the Italian, Alcaraz demands absolutely no modifications to the rackets. The Spaniard uses the Wilson rackets as they come and does not request any modifications, whatsoever.

Alcaraz has been having a year of ups and downs. The young Spaniard seemed to be having the best time of his life during the first half of the season. However, after his semi-final loss to Daniil Medvedev at the US Open, there seemed to be a dip in form in Alcaraz’s game. He has been struggling with injury, which is preventing him from playing his best game possible.


Things seemed to look up for the young Spaniard at the ATP Finals. However, this campaign too came to an end at the hands of Novak Djokovic, who dominated the Spaniard in two sets.

However, despite the stardom the Spaniard has gathered for himself, he requests no modifications on his racket, said Marco Rossani, professional stringer. When asked if there were any differences in the rackets the players use to the rackets found in the store, Rossani made a crude comparison to a motorbike bought in a dealership to those used in motorsport.

Although a bike bought at a dealership is ‘sporty’ it is in no way to be compared to a professional racing motorbike. According to the Italian, tennis rackets also go through a similar process.


He also revealed that rackets are structured for the individual players. The filling also changes according to every player’s requirement.

Alcaraz is the only one of eight finalists who uses a racket with absolutely no modifications. I also had the opportunity to look at it from the inside and it has no lead tape, no silicone, so it is apparently free of any modifications. 
Marco Rossani via ubitennis

While the young Spaniard has been making waves in tennis, he seems to be doing it with store-bought rackets. His rackets are void of any modifications or customizations, according to the Wilson manager.

Marco Rossani reveals that Andrey Rublev has been the most demanding player this year

Wilson’s manager also revealed that Andrey Rublev has been a very tough customer at the 2023 ATP Finals. The stringing team tries to satisfy the players’ needs as much as possible. However, Rublev has been giving a lot of trouble to the Wilson team this year, said Marco Rossani.

Andrey Rublev
Andrey Rublev(Image via The Sun)
Rublev is the most demanding this year, because as we all have seen even during the matches, it is not an emotionally easy moment for him.

He also revealed that the Russian wanted his racket strung as late as possible, as close to the match as possible. He also asks for all his rackets straggled.

Another name pointed out by the Italian was Holger Rune. The Dane apparently had bought seven rackets, each with different tensions. However, with tennis being a high-pressure sport, it makes sense that the players want to be as prepared as possible for any scenario.

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