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“Zverev in the B****iness said the father was texting him,” Stefanos Tsitsipas’ agent talks about the ‘bathroom break’ controversy

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev's rocky relationship gets explained by their common agent who reveals the German accused Stef's father of coaching.

Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Stef's coach and father Apostolos

Currently ranked World No. 7, Stefanos Tsitsipas was ranked World No. 3 for quite some time before a dip in form has seen the Greek superstar drop a few places in the rankings. The 24-year-old, a runner-up at the 2021 French Open, is often seen as one of the most dominant players on the Tour in coming years and has already won titles on nearly all tiers of the Tour including the Year-End Championships.

In his short career so far, Stef has however been part of many controversies and is often trolled for the same. One of the biggest controversies that the Greek has been stuck in is taking extended bathroom breaks, which in a way prompted the ATP to set proper guidelines and rules on how long can a player spend time in the bathroom during the changeovers.

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“It wasn’t fair,” Stefanos Tsitsipas’ agent

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev

The ‘bathroom break’ controversies of Stef have seen his opponents complaining over the 24-year-old taking extended bathroom breaks in order to break the flow of the match and the opponent’s momentum. The players to complain have been Alexander Zverev and even former World No. 1 Andy Murray who was quite frustrated with the antics. Speaking about all of this, Stef’s agent Patricio Apey, who also managed Zverev at one point, gave insights about the entire thing.

“That was stupid. Also, unfortunately, it was Zverev who tried to set the thing up and had the bitchiness that he said the father was texting him. Those accusations were a bit harsh. He got hit hard by Zverev, and Murray also later at the US Open. And it wasn’t fair. Stef knows he didn’t cheat. He sweats a lot, and he changes his clothes from head to toe, socks, and underpants. Now the rule is clear, and when he gets to the bathroom it’s 3 minutes. Things are more manageable,” said Apey in his recent interview with Claytenis.

The agent further went on to praise the Greek on being a very good client to manage saying, “I am very happy. He’s a super good guy. He has all the desire and hunger, and he’s ready to work and go as high as he can. He’s 24 years old and he’s already a world number three. If he can correct some things with his technical team, he has all the possibilities to achieve what he wants. Besides, he does photography, he does video, he is very creative. He’d rather be a film producer than play PlayStation. He’s different in that sense.”

The relationship between Zverev and Tsitsipas has always been rocky as at certain times the two have behaved like each other’s best friends on the Tour but at other times the two have taken digs at each other through press conferences. This revelation by Apey is just another proof of the stained relationship the two have with each other.

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