“Not drinking alcohol for last 4 Months!” Rafael Nadal rejects champagne offered during the post match press conference

Rafael Nadal confesses about not drinking alcohol in the past 4 months.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal made one of the toughest comebacks in his career. He made a comeback after suffering from a foot injury and also made a comeback after being two sets down against the world No.2 Daniil Medvedev. He fought against all the odds and won his second Australian Open title 13 years after winning the first one.

Nadal’s journey towards becoming the world was a very tough one. He had to give up on a lot of things, do the hard yards and make personal sacrifices.

He already confessed to not eating chocolates while preparing and during the post-match press conference he also refused to drink champagne. He told the interviewers that he hasn’t touched any alcohol in the past 4 months.

Rafael Nadal: A Comeback for the ages

Rafael Nadal
Australian Open 2022 winner – Rafael Nadal

Five months ago, Rafael Nadal was down and out of the competition. He had a long-term injury in his left foot and left professional tennis after the Roland Garros 2021 for surgery.

While recovering he would’ve never thought about winning the first grand slam of 2022. He was fearful that his career might’ve ended before he wanted to and was skeptical about making a comeback to professional tennis.

However, Nadal’s team always believed in him and knew that the 35-year-old still had enough fuel left in him to make a comeback. The five months after the surgery to the Australian Open victory were very hard for the Spaniard.

Nadal made numerous sacrifices and gave up on a lot of things he liked to do and did the hard yards to make a comeback to professional tennis. He gave up on chocolates, he gave up alcohol while preparing for his comeback.

Nadal even got infected with covid-19 on his way to the Australian Open. However, he stood tall in the face of adversity and a comeback that will be remembered for the ages.

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