Who is Andy Murray’s Wife? Know all about Kim Sears

Know everything about Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears, who has been his constant pillar of support right from when Murray won his 1st career title in 2006.

Kim Sears and Andy Murray
Andy Murray and Kim Sears

Andy Murray is one of the greatest tennis players Britain has produced in many years. Murray is a recipient of 3 Grand Slam titles, a historic Double Olympic Gold, being the only player with 2 Gold Medals in Singles and his 46 career titles have seen him nearly $61 million in prize money in his 16-year long career.

While Murray has been quite private when it comes to his personal life involving his children and family affairs, his relationship with Kim Sears was out in the public ever since they started dating in 2005. Kim is the daughter of former player turned coach, Nigel Sears who has been coach of former World No. 1, Ana Ivanovic and current coach of upcoming British star Emma Raducanu.

How did Andy Murray meet Kim Sears?

Andy Murray with Kim Sears
Andy Murray with Kim Sears

Murray and Kim first met at a party at the 2005 US Open when Kim had accompanied her father to the Grand Slam as he was then the head of Women’s tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association in England. The couple hit off at the party but managed to keep their relationship private for nearly a year.

Kim came in the spotlight almost a year later when a triumphant Murray after winning his first career title at the 2006 Pacific Coast Championships, went into the crowd and kissed Kim, a photo that was then published in nearly all the tabloids.

I went away with him thinking it’s fine because he’s never going to win so I’ll be back in time for school on Monday and then he did. I remember saying to my mum, you’ve got to call in and tell them I’ve got the winter vomiting virus and I won’t be in, but then it was on the front cover of the paper so I was busted,” said Kim years later recalling how their relationship came out in the public.

When did Andy Murray and Kim Sears marry?

Andy Murray and Kim Sears
Andy Murray and Kim Sears

The couple started living together in 2009 when Murray purchased his £5million mansion in Surrey where the couple still continues to reside. They married on 11 April 2015 at Dunblane Cathedral in Murray’s hometown after announcing their engagement back in 2014.

The couple has had 4 kids since then. Eldest daughter Sophia, followed by 2nd daughter Eddie, their only son Teddie and their 3rd daughter who was born in March 2021 whose name the couple have not yet revealed publicly, maintaining the privacy about their kids like they always have done.

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