“You have to come back,” Ash Barty received an HEARTWARMING message from Serena Williams

Ash Barty's coach reveals a heartwarming message from Serena Williams asking Barty not to retire.

Ash Barty and Serena Williams
Ash Barty and Serena Williams

Ash Barty won her first Australian Open and completed 3/4th of her way to a career grand slam. Barty had been positioned at the top of the world rankings for some time now but wasn’t able to win a lot of grand slams.

She dominated her way through the Australian Open in 2022. She won the title and didn’t even lose a single set throughout the course of the tournament. She was an immovable force that demolished anything that came in her way.

However, there was a time in Barty’s life when she was planning on retiring from tennis. Her Hiatus from tennis after the 2014 US Open, led to speculations that she might not come back and retire from tennis.

During that point in time, Barty received a heartwarming text from Serena Williams which read, “you are too good a player to retire … you have to come back.”

Ash Barty’s coach reveals Serena Williams’ heartwarming message

Ash Barty
Ash Barty

Ash Barty after the 2014 US Open, took a sabbatical from tennis and went to pursue different things. But majorly, her infamous cricketing career that lasted for a year.

Barty wasn’t convinced about making a return back to tennis. However, during her break, the 23-time grand slam champion Serena Williams popped into her DMs and told her not to retire.

Barty’s coach in a recent interview said, “I loved having her around. She was a bloody good player to coach, But I said to people at the time if she didn’t return it would be the greatest waste Australian tennis has ever seen. That comment was proved right. I mean, have a look.”

However, Barty did decide to come back to tennis and won 3 grand slams in 4 years. We don’t know how much Serena’s message influenced Barty to make a return back to tennis, but it must’ve meant a lot to the Australian. The way Barty is playing right now she will be adding a lot of trophies to her cabinet in 2022.

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