That absurd time when Conor McGregor violently knocked out talk show host Conan O’Brien, thrice

Conor McGregor and Conan O'Brien had the time of their lives reviewing the then brand new UFC 2 game by EA and Conor even got to KO the talk show host on live TV.

Conor McGregor x Conan O'Brien
McGregor and Conan competed in a trilogy of UFC 2 games with the fighter winning thrice

The headline, Conor McGregor beats up Conan O’Brien may seem very much in the realm of possibility for the 2022 McGregor, we can relax as it was just in a game. Back when Conor was at the height of his fame, he and O’Brien participated in a friendly UFC 2 game to promote it’s upcoming release.

Conan hosted a popular series on his talk show titled, “Clueless Gamer” where the host, pretty inept in modern tech and gaming would review the latest offerings from the gaming industry. It was during this time when McGregor appeared on the segment to promote the upcoming UFC 2 game.

McGregor himself was there to market his upcoming short-notice fight against Nate Diaz, which would eventually result in his first UFC loss. He and the host had an instant connection based on their Irish roots and had a merry time reviewing the game.

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Conor McGregor spinning back-kick KO’s Conan O’Brien thrice in UFC 2

Conor McGregor x Conan O'Brien
O’Brien and McGregor on the set of Clueless Gamer

Both played as themselves with Conor playing on his default character while one was custom built for Conan. Surprisingly, it was the host’s character that looked more realistic than the actual UFC employee as many fans pointed out in the comments.

Their first game ended in a quick TKO victory for McGregor, who applauded the game for being very accurate. O’Brien however protested the game’s assumption of his ability to take damage saying, “I can take much more abuse than that, I’ve been married 14 years”

The second game ended in much of the same way, with Conor earning a quick KD via spinning back kick and then pursuing for the TKO. O’Brien then started to amuse at the disappointed look his character showed after the defeat describing it as, “That’s me after three beers”

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Conan found more success in their third game even scoring a knockdown early on. However not knowing how the game works, Conan was able to do very little in terms of capitalizing on the opportunity and eventually let McGregor get back to his feet and finish the fight via another spinning back kick.

After their trilogy, the two went on to argue about how a hypothetical fight between the two would play out. Conan asked McGregor to tell the audience what he fears most about the host if they were to fight, to which a quick-witted Conor replied, “Absolutely nothing”

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