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The BIG 3 finally get going as the Brooklyn Nets whiz past Miami Heat

The Big 3 at Nets finally get going as they crush the Miami Heat in a mouth watering encounter

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden

The Brooklyn Nets had really disappointed everyone with their previous consecutive losses to Cleveland Cavaliers. After they were wrecked twice, the Big 3 finally register a win playing together. Brooklyn Nets defeated last year’s NBA finalists Miami Heat by 4 points earlier today. The losses on a row had really put the players down on their morale. Hopefully pulling off this nail bitter has a positive impact on the team.

Kyrie Irving returned in the match against Cleveland and the fans were finally able to see the big 3 together. Yet they lost repeatedly to the Cavs in a row. After high hopes and expectations, the Nets finally have bounced back to some unreal form. Kevin Durant had a tough 31 points tonight. The team was really hesitant attempting earlier today. They missed a lot of open looks. However, the ball handling magician outplayed them all. Kyrie put the defenders on their heels after he glided past them on a number of occasions. Irving had 28 in the game. The hate over trade finally seems to calm as the Brooklyn have finally a win to their name.

Brooklyn Nets’ Big 3 capable for making the team run behind the Championship

Brooklyn Nets are seeded fifth in the league with a 10-8 record. This is a disastrous start if they are eyeing the title. The team really needs some serious stuff to their match winning streak. They were successful enough to stop the score machines, Duncan Robinson and Goran Dragic but Bam Adebayo was out of the book. Bam had a massive 41 points to his name and 9 assists to compliment it.

The Nets really need to put their pieces together. Their intention was pretty clear when they traded Harden and now they have to capitalize on their decision. Hopefully it is just the start of great games by the Big 3.

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