‘There’s a lot more hate in the last few months’ Sania Mirza gets candid about social media toxicity

Six-time Grand Slam Champion Sania Mirza reflects on the rise of toxicity on social media.

Sania Mirza

People in the public eye have the disadvantage of being scrutinised at abysmal levels. Sania Mirza, a former World No.1 Indian tennis player seems to ponder and comment on the same. She feels that social media is being heavily used to express anger and frustration. Anonymous users often target public figures nonchalantly whilst ignoring the effects their actions may have.

Sania Mirza on hike of hate speech on social media

Sania Mirza

“We’re living in difficult times and I honestly think that a lot of people are frustrated. And somehow that is coming out on social media and you can see how much it has erupted. There’s a lot more hate in the last few months on social media than it was before. Everybody has an opinion about everything and they somehow think that they need to put it out on social media every single time, which should not be the case in my opinion,” says Sania Mirza, in an exclusive interaction with Hindustan Times.

Trying to take all perspectives into account, Mirza gives an informed statement wherein she states, “The last few months, things haven’t been easy and it has affected us real hard. People are going through a lot and may be, unknowingly, have become hateful towards others. And everyone is forming an opinion about almost everything, right or wrong.”

Sania Mirza’s strategy on how to tackle the social media negativity 

Shoaib Malik (left), Sania Mirza (right)

One can count on Mirza to have a strategy when she gets in a pickle on the court. The tennis champ has made it abundantly clear that she tries to keep her day-to-day life flourishing as well.

To the 33-year-old, her family and mental health are of utmost importance.

“I do take a break from social media every now and then and don’t really indulge in it every single day. To be honest, I never read the ‘mentions’ because I think that mental sanity is important than anything else. I laugh at it most of the time but there are days when it does get to you, so I kind of cut off from it. You’ve to take social media with a pinch of salt. Good or bad, you can’t take it too seriously,” Sania concluded.

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