“They look like us last year”: Utah Jazz in best form after 1996-97 NBA finals season

Dream run coming true for Jazz as they register 4th straight W

Donovan Mitchell

NBA never fails to amaze its fans. This time it is yet another underdog team leading the Conference in West. The Utah Jazz are leading the Western Conference with 21-5 after a one-sided win over Milwaukee Bucks. Obviously it is the LA Clippers and Lakers that comes to mind when we talk about the best. But to the contrary, Utah Jazz have put on a show. As we step to the mid-season this year, Utah have been the number one team in the whole league and not just in West.

The franchise is proud of its team effort. To everyone’s surprise Jordan Clarkson is having one of his best season after he left Cleveland. Donovan Mitchell is leading the team as always. To add Rudy Gobert and Joe Ingles have been an outstanding support. They have always got to secondary responsibilities and targets when needed. The team is very confident and comfortable the way the league is turning out for them.

Is Utah replicating their 1996-97 season?

NBA insider Shane Young pointed out that this 21-5 record of the team is reminiscent of their past. The Utah jazz are almost repeating their golden season of 1996-97. Following their win against Milwaukee Bucks, Utah are extending their winning streak. Their average start is being converted to big wins. They have won 17 out of 18 games in the run already. Their main strength has been their team effort for the team.

Utah toyed around with Eastern giants, Bucks today. In the post-match interview, he said, “It just looks fun. When I watch them play, it looks easy, it looks simple. For, sure, they look like us last year.” While Donovan summed up, “We don’t want to be the best team in February, we want to be the best team in July.” The team is optimistic for being a title contender. Hopefully they capitalize on their strength.

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