Tokyo Olympics 2020: Karate Live Results for women’s Kata

Check out the results for female kata at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 where Sandra Sanchez, Kiyou Shimizu face off in the gold medal bout.

Sandra Sanchez Tokyo Olympics
Sandra Sanchez in action

The Tokyo Olympics’ final stages are taking place where the best of the best are competing for the prestigious medals. Here we cover the live results of the female kata medal bouts.

In the first bronze medal bout, we have Grace Lau of Hong Kong taking on Dilara Bozan of Turkey. Then we have Viviana Bottaro of Italy and Sakura Kokumai of the United States fighting for the other bronze medal. The most awaited matchup is between Sandra Sanchez of Spain and Kiyou Shimizu of Japan who go face to face for the gold medal in the finals. Continue reading to know the results of the final bouts at the Tokyo Olympics.

Results of Tokyo Olympics Bronze medal bouts:

Grace Lau and Viviana Bottaro Tokyo Olympics
Grace Lau and Viviana Bottaro win bronze medals

Bronze medal bout 1:

Grace Lau takes on Dilara Bozan. Lau def. Bozan 26.94 to 26.52.

Bronze medal bout 2:

Viviana Bottaro takes on Sakura Kokumai for the second bronze medal. Bottaro def. Kokumai by 26.48 to 25.40.

Gold medal bout:

Tokyo Olympics karate live
Sandra Sanchez wins the gold medal and K Shimizu wins silver medal

Sandra Sanchez takes on Kiyou Shimizu for the prestigious gold medal. Sanchez def. Shimizu 28.06 to 27.88 to get gold for Spain as Kiyou wins Japan a silver medal.

Final results:

  • 1) Sandra Sanchez (Spain): Gold Medal
  • 2) Kiyou Shimizu (Japan): Silver Medal
  • 3) Grace Lau (Hong Kong) and Viviana Bottaro (Italy): Bronze medals

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