Top 5 athletes with most Olympic medals


Penned By – Vani Kaushik

Olympics games are the biggest sporting event on the planet and capture the facination of the world like no other event. More than 200 nations and thousands of athletes participate in this quadrennial event. The creation of Olympic are inspired by the ancient Olympic games which were held in 8th century BC to 4th century AD.

Winning an Olympic medal is a dream for every athlete. In this showpiece event we witness spectrum of emotions, bravery, happiness, sadness and humanity.

The emotions on display by the athletes in these moments are often some of the most enduring images. Athlete who wins Gold medal is the happiest and bronze medal winner is much happier than the silver medalist.

Since the inception of modern Olympic Games in 1896 there are countries who have never won an Olympic medal and also there are athletes who have topped the overall medal tally of a countries. Here are all those athletes who have won most number of medals in Olympics games history (1896-2016)

1Michael Phelps

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He is the former American Swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all the time. Phelps debut at Sydney Olympics at the age of 15 and became youngest American male swimmer to do so. when He has 28 medals, out of which 23 are gold, 3 are silver and 2 are bronze in four Olympic Games. He retired after Rio Olympic games at the age of 31.

He is the long course world record holder in men’s 400-meter individual medley. And won 82 gold medals in major International long course competition. He is also considered as the greatest Swimmer of all time. He also holds the record of most medal at any single Olympic games when he won 8 gold medal in Beijing Olympics (He broke seven world record in Beijing Olympics out of eight).



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