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Top 5 best items to buy with UC in BGMI

In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 in game items that players can purchase with the help of UC in BGMI.

5 items to buy with UC in the game

UC in BGMI or the unknown cash is the primary method of obtaining exclusive outfits and skins in the game. However, players are often caught in a dilemma as to which item they should buy after topping up UC as they want their UC top up to be worth it.

There are a plethora of items that you can buy with UC in the game. From X Suits to Royal Pass, players can diversify the collection in their inventory by spending real money. With an ocean of options, it is an obvious fact to face confusion which item would be worth to spend. Players can check out some of the items that players can buy with the help of the in game currency.

Best ways to spend UC in BGMI

X Suits

X Suit

Even though these are the most expensive items in the game, if you’re a spendthrift when it comes to buying outfits in the game with UC, we suggest you to purchase X Suits. These exclusive outfits are specially designed by the developers and come in with a lot of new features such as animations, victory emotes and more.

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Royal Pass

Royal Pass

Another item to buy with UC in BGMI is Royal Pass. There are two variants of Royal Pass provided in the game and the paid version will of course give you more items including UC. Therefore, spending UC on Royal Pass won’t make you regret. From mythic emotes to outfits, Royal Pass which comes with new items every season are worth buying.



A fun feature in Battlegrounds Mobile India is the companions or pets that can be obtained with the help of UC. Companions such as Falcon, Godzilla or Kong and the recently added Poro companion after the Arcane crossover are amazing options. Players can also buy Companion food to increase their points.

Lucky Spins

Lucky Spins are launched in regular intervals. When Krafton enters into a huge collaboration such as Arcane or Tesla, it offers exclusive items such as collaboration themed weapon skins or outfits. The Tesla and Koeniggsegg collaboration had also added car skins and several content creators chose to draw the spins by spending UC in BGMI.



Players will be able to find a lot of legendary and mythic outfits through the crates provided in the game. Premium crates, classic crates and recently added Battlegrounds Lucky Crate offer a lot of stunning outfits that stands apart from the free outfits provided in the game. Players can open crates multiple number of times to increase their chances of getting legendary or mythic items.

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