Top 5 Best MP40 Skins in Garena Free Fire

Here are some of the top 5 MP40 SMG gun Skins to use in the game that looks good and also is good to play during intense fights.


Free Fire has a plethora of guns and also offers a plethora of skins to each gun in Free Fire. Every player of Free Fire likes to have one of them but in a dilemma to buy which of them. So, we will be discussing the top 5 Best MP40 Skins in Free Fire. Which will be helpful during the game.

MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40) is a submachine gun chambered in Free Fire where it is the best to shoot or use in Short ranges. You can get better of your foes at short ranges using this Gun in-game. But it is not suitable in long ranges. It deals 2X damage at short range.

The MP40 is the fastest weapon in Free Fire – with 83 points in Rate of Fire. It can discharge its whole magazine as close range sprays in a very short amount of time. Attachments like magazine and Stock makes it a better gun.

Movement speed63
Rate of fire83

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Here are Some of the Top 5 best MP40 Skins in Free Fire:

#1 Slaughter MP40:

The beast of all MP40 Skins is Slaughter Party which is so attractive and gives a real feel to play the game. It is blood-themed where you can see blood dripping from the gun which symbolizes its deadly and easy headshots. With accuracy having ‘++’ and damage with a ‘+’ and reload size ‘-‘.

DamageReload Speed  Accuracy
 +– ++ 

Since Reload size is ‘-‘ its difficult if you run out of ammos during an intense fight.

#2 Mechanical Girl:

The mechanical girl is pinkish and purple kind of skin with electro effects to it. The name to it came from the looks of the skin. Its damage is ‘++’, range is ‘+’ and reload speed is ‘-‘. It deals heavy damage even at a longer range than it is told to. But the reload speed is slow.

So, this can cause a big disadvantage in the game.

 DamageRange Reload Speed 
 ++ +– 

#3 Lightning MP40:

Lightning MP40 is a gun that looks premium with gold color skin with electro effects and also has specialized Kill feed to it. It has a ‘++’ for Magazine, Damage ‘+’ and Reload speed ‘-‘. it costs around 40 diamonds for 24 hours.

 Damage Reload speed Magazine
 +– ++ 

#4 New Year MP40:

It is a good gun which is colorful and very catchy. Its a mix of color purple and green. Its damage is very good with ‘++’ and accuracy with ‘-‘. So it will be difficult to control the recoil during short ranges. But many pro players prefer this skin for its high damage range. As, they know to control the recoil.

 DamageMagazine  Accuracy
 ++ + –

#5 Engineer MP40:

Engineer MP40 is a simple blue gun which is not so good but is ok to play and has good accuracy for giving easy headshots. Its Reload speed is ‘-‘, Magazine is ‘+’ and Accuracy is ‘+’. But this gun is not up to the mark.

 Reload Speed Magazine Accuracy

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