Top 5 best Treasure Enchantment in Minecraft!

The list for best Treasure Enchantment is filled with unusual effects and also some great ones for the players to get!

best Treasure Enchantment
best Treasure Enchantment (image via.

Minecraft Enchantments are used in enhancing the player by a lot after getting the best gear there is in the game. Here are the top 5 best Treasure Enchantment in Minecraft that are rare and can give a variety of effects.

Enchantments are magical properties that can be imbued in weapons, armor and even some items to give them additional bonus effects that either increase their stats or give special effects. They are also ranked according to their chances of getting them in the Enchanted Tables and in Chests. Treasure enchantments are very rare and can be found in the natural world in Chests.

Here are the top 5 best Treasure Enchantment in Minecraft!

5 best Treasure Enchantment in Minecraft

Curse of Binding

best Treasure Enchantment
best Treasure Enchantment: Curse of Binding (Image via. Reddit)

This is an Enchantment that has negative status effects instead of good ones. This cannot be obtained from the Enchanting Table but can be found already applied on a Enchanted Item found in Chests.

This will bind the item to the player once they wear it and they cannot remove it until their death.

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Curse of Vanishing

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Curse of Vanishing is also a Curse enchantment that is not found in the Enchanting Table and is classified as a Treasure Enchantment. This will make the weapon or any item is on, to vanish when the players drop it after death.

Soul Speed

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Soul speed is a Treasure Enchantment that can make the players walk faster on soul sand. This Enchantment is only applicable to boots and increases the walking and sprinting speed by quite a lot.

Frost Walker

best Treasure Enchantment
Frost Walker (image via.

Frost Walker is also a boots enchantment and it lets the players walk over water! Upon moving onto a water block that is exposed to the air, the boots will make the water block in a radius around it, turn to ice. Players can walk on them and the ice will melt after a while.


YouTube: RajCraft

The Mending is the best Treasure Enchantment in Minecraft as is also one of the best enchantments in the game. It will consume a portion of the EXP that the players will get and turn it into durability, restoring the item by a bit. This is great for players when they want to preserve items and save materials!

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