“Truth Hurts”- Derek Brunson mocks Khabib Nurmagomedov’s legacy, names CM Punk to be the greatest MMA fighter

Derek Brunson believes CM deserves the honor of being the MA GOAT over Khabib Nurmagomdov as he has never lost to a top 5 opponent

CM PUnk x Khabib Nurmagomedov
Brunson had an interesting take on the GOAT Conversation

Derek Brunson feels that there is a clear category for determining the GOAT in MMA and former WWE superstar CM Punk ranks above former Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. The middleweight shared a meme that got us thinking maybe we have the criteria for determining the best all wrong.

Nurmagomedov boasted a legendary career that saw him run through multiple organizations most notably the UFC, undefeated throughout. He managed to capture the lightweight title in his 10th UFC fight and defended it a record three times. While that may be enough to put you in the conversation for GOAT, not according to Brunson.

The middleweight shared a graphic arguing for Punk to hold that title as Khabib has had 14 UFC fights (13 in reality) Punk has never lost to a top 5 opponent. A distinction, not many can boast of, but you can’t take that at face value.

An obvious joke by Brunson, he captioned the tweet saying, “truth hurts, CM Punk is the GOAT” accompanied by a few laughing emojis.

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CM Punk’s UFC career: A Polar Opposite of Khabib Nurmagomedov

CM PUnk x Khabib Nurmagomedov
Punk during his second UFC Fight

Comparing the UFC careers of Punk and Nurmagomedov would be like comparing your house shrine to the Notre-Dame. To contextualize, Nurmagomedov was taken down once, in his entire UFC career, on the other hand, Punk was taken down and choked out in the opening minute of his UFC debut against Mickey Gall.

While Khabib managed to walk out of his MMA career without suffering a single cut, Punk was bloodied and bruised as if he’d been through five rounds of torment in his 2-minute long UFC debut.

This alone should have led to an end to the crossover shenanigans but not while money could still be made. Thanks to him training out of a respectable gym like Roufusport and personal contacts with Dana White, Punk was given a second shot in the UFC.

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Punk’s second try at a UFC career was in 2018, nearly 2 years since his debut. This time his opponent was Mike Jackson, a fighter who was previously beat by Mickey Gall, just like Punk. While he did not suffer as much damage as he did in his debut, Punk was dominated by an Unethuasiatic Jackson, who did not take any of the multiple opportunities he saw to end the fight.

This fight would convince Dana White that it was time for the experiment to stop. Along with Punk, Jackson was also removed from the UFC due to his lax performance. Punk would stay connected to the MMA Sphere by taking on roles as an on-air personality.
Eventually, in 2021, he’d find his way back home when he returned to professional wrestling under the AEW banner.

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