Twitter amazed as Kyrie Irving embarrasses Jonathan Kuminga’s game-night courtesy to a ‘Welcome to the NBA’ moment

In the 3rd quarter of the Warriors-Nets game with rookie Jonathan Kuminga who was guarding Kyrie Irving who then put shake-and-bake dribble moves on Kuminga.

Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Kuminga
Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Kuminga

Kyrie Irving gave the rookie Jonathan Kuminga his ‘Welcome to the NBA’ moment by embarrassing him in the Saturday night game against the Warriors. However, Kyrie and the Brooklyn Nets failed to get a win as they lost to the Golden State Warriors 106-110 on road in a close game. The Nets have now dropped to 6th in the Eastern Conference with a 29-20 record for the season.

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving vs Golden State Warriors

For the Nets, Kyrie Irving scored 32 points in the absence of James Harden and Kevin Durant. Patty Mills added 24 points, nailing down three 3-pointers in the clutch moments. Off nights from LaMarcus Aldridge and Bruce Brown also cost the Nets as they had just 9 and 2 points respectively. James Johnson contributed with 14 points. No other Net could score in double digits.

Kevin Durant with James Harden
Kevin Durant and James Harden were missing in action against the Golden State Warriors

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The game delivered to its hype as it went down right to the final seconds. Both the teams traded clutch three-pointers towards the end. With 12 seconds remaining, Klay Thompson hit a 3-pointer to take the Warriors ahead 107-106. Kyrie Irving then on the other end hit a 3-pointer of his own to make the score 107-106, back to a one-point game. The Nets then fouled Warriors both the times but couldn’t score and that was the night for the Nets.

Klay Thompson in action against the Bucks
Klay Thompson

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Kyrie Irving torches Jonathan Kuminga

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is regarded as perhaps the best ball-handler in the NBA. It is for this reason that despite being a guard, he still scores efficiently, usually 50% or higher from the field. He dribbles his way to get past the defenders with his slick moves. In the process, he also ends up embarrassing some defenders as they don’t know which way will Kyrie go.

This happened in the Warriors-Nets game with rookie Jonathan Kuminga who was guarding Kyrie on a possession in the 3rd quarter. Kyrie immediately put on shake-and-bake dribble moves on Kuminga. Kuminga, however, did a good job of not dislocating too far and staying put. Kyrie had the answer to this too as he stepped back for a mid-range jumper, nothing but net. All ended well as Kyrie gave his jersey to Kuminga after the game. Twitter fans loved this from Kyrie and haven’t they missed it this season:

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