WATCH: “You silly c**t” – Tyson Fury’s SHOCKING reaction to father John Fury bleeding from head

Tyson Fury reacts to a bloodied John Fury after he headbutted Oleksandr Usyk's teammate.

WATCH: “You silly c**t” – Tyson Fury’s SHOCKING reaction to father John Fury bleeding from head

Tyson Fury on his father's injury after headbutting Oleksandr Usyk's teammate (Image via Imago/X)

Tyson Fury has his father John Fury as the eccentric member of his team. As such, he was up to his antics ahead of the Usyk-Fury fight. Videos caught Tyson Fury’s reaction as he saw John Fury’s bloody head for the first time after the media event.

Tyson Fury was confused when he saw John Fury for the first time. Moments later he laughed and asked his father about what exactly happened to him.

What's happened to your head, you silly c*nt?"
Tyson Fury to John fury after the pre-fight presser

So what exactly happened to Tyson Fury’s father? John Fury had an incident with a teammate from Oleksandr Usyk‘s camp in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Fury reportedly head-butted one of Usyk’s team members for alleged disrespect. Thankfully, things did not escalate further and the security separated Fury from the scene as fast as they could.

John Fury was standing in close quarters with a member of Usyk’s team. Things got heated at the event during the face-off and they had to be separated. It was during this moment when John Fury decided to ram his head into another member of Usyk’s team. He ended up with a wound on his forehead and blood dripping down his face. The security had a tough time handling the uproar at the event and John Fury definitely had a role to play in it.

Tyson Fury’s father apologizes for headbutting Oleksandr Usyk’s teammate

John Fury reportedly issued a public apology after the incident. He blamed the other team for disrespectful behavior.

John Fury
John Fury (image credit- The Sun, X)

Seconds Out Boxing quoted John Fury’s apology statement. Fury expressed his sincere apologies but stated that he is an emotional man and would not tolerate disrespect.

Sincere apologies to everybody involved. It’s just the way we are. Emotions and tensions are running high. He was a very disrespectful fella. If you come close in a fighting man’s space, you’re gonna cop for something.

John Fury apology

John Fury summarised his apology by stating he would always defend his son. The fight is to take place on May 18 and will be the first undisputed heavyweight clash after 1999. Moreover, both boxers are undefeated in their pro careers making it a high-risk high-reward fight.

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