Chael Sonnen regards Conor McGregor as the most skilled fighter in the UFC

Chael Sonnen backs Conor McGregor for being the most skilled fighter on the UFC roster. Here is a story

Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen
Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly the biggest superstar in the world of MMA. The Irishman changed the whole game during his prime and all because of his impeccable fighting skills. His unique Karate stance, agility, speed, and precision are some of the skills that helped him achieve everything.

But the past few years can be considered a period of decline for the former UFC double champion. He has won only once in his last four Octagon appearances and has failed miserably in the others.

To help the ‘Mystic Mac’ to overcome this situation, the newly made friendship duo, Khamzat Chimaev and Darren Till offered McGregor to join them in training. In one of the tweets, the ‘Borz’ asked McGregor to come and join their training camp before his much-anticipated comeback. “If you want to come back we will help you, we are waiting for you in our camp @TheNotoriousMMA 🥷🏼,” wrote Chimaev.

Chael Sonnen speaks about Conor McGregor’s exceptional MMA skills

Chael Sonnen on Conor McGregor
Chael Sonnen on Conor McGregor

Sonnen recently replied to a Twitter user who asked the tagged retired UFC fighter a question about Conor McGregor. It was about McGregor swallowing his pride and taking on the fight with Khamzat Chimaev. The user wrote ” @ChaelSonnen should Conor train with khamzat? And put his pride aside and grow in his skill.”

While responding to the question, Sonnen replied that there is nobody in the UFC who is greater than McGregor when it comes to skill. Sonnen explained that at this level nobody is trying to learn skills; it’s mostly about training for conditioning. Which is to be in the best shape throughout the year and give optimum performance. According to Sonnen, if any fighter is still learning skills regarding fighting then UFC isn’t the right place for him or her.
Nobody has more skill than Connor. At this level nobody is working skill. You train purely for conditioning. If you are still learning to fight, you aren’t here,” wrote Sonnen.

Indeed, McGregor is one of the most skilled fighters the promotion has ever seen. But a fight with Chimaev is hard to consider as of now. McGregor has already opened up about his wish to become the triple champ and for that, he wants to take on Kamaru Usman. Instead of that, fighting with Chimaev is not something the megastar would consider.

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