“Don’t think Tony looked rusty”- Chael Sonnen states Tony Ferguson’s best days aren’t behind him

In his YouTube video, Chael Sonnen believes Ferguson's best days are still to come. Continue reading to discover how he compares his opponents to Michael Chandler.

Chael Sonnen Tony Ferguson Michael Chandler
Chael Sonnen, Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler shall meet Tony Ferguson later this May at UFC 274. Chandler, whose career stats in the UFC is 1-2, last fought Justin Gaethje at UFC 268, which took place last November. 

The former Bellator champ has had a good career, while keeping fans on their toes. However the change to UFC hasn’t been kind to Chandler, having lost to Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje. He now wants to overturn his misfortune when he takes on Ferguson.

Chael Sonnen however tells Tony shouldn’t be dismissed yet. On his YouTube Channel, Charl says, “I do not believe Tony’s best days are behind him, and I don’t think Tony looked rusty in his last fight. I did not see a fighter that was under-driven or that had slowed down or that had lost his power, that had lost his timing.”

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Chael Sonnen draws similarities between Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson’s opponents 

Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler
Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler

Ferguson too, has been stuck in a rut. Having lost two times to Oliveira and Beneil Dariush, Ferguson was overpowered by his opponents while being pinned to the ground and Sonnen has predicted that Chandler shall default to grappling when the two shall fight.

Sonnen in his video, explains what could be a play-by-play between the two, “You can bet your ass Chandler’s not planning to come out and throw lefts and rights all night with Tony. He’s going to throw a left, follow with a right to get close to get to a double leg, to pick him up to put him down because that’s what he saw the last couple of opponents do.”

He continues saying, “I acknowledge there was a commonality in those fights, which was one position, and it was wrestling – which happens to be something that Michael Chandler is pretty good at.”

The said bout is said to take play on the 7th of May at Footprint Center in Phoenix. 

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