“How big is it?” Chito Vera tells Joe Rogan hilarious story on meeting Francis Ngannou

UFC fighter Chito Vera and commentator Joe Rogan talk about the fighter's first meeting with heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Chito Vera Joe Rogan Francis Ngannou
Chito Vera tells Joe Rogan hilarious Francis Ngannou story

Chito Vera had an absolute blast going on the Joe Rogan Experience last year. The UFC commentator managed to bring out the best of the fighter and had some very interesting conversations. One of the best parts of the show was when Chito explained to Joe what meeting the heavyweight Francis Ngannou felt like.

In December 2021, UFC bantamweight fighter Chito Vera went on the Joe Rogan podcast and made an amazing appearance on the show. The Ecuadorian mixed martial artist had sat down with Joe and spoke for nearly 3 hours. The fighter has a very jovial personality and showcased great energy throughout the podcast. In the podcast, the two discuss the first time Marlon Vera met the heavyweight champion Francis “Predator” Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou UFC 270
Francis Ngannou

Talking about the heavyweight champion, Joe mentioned that Francis’s time mining, back in the days, played a major role in developing his body. “His body developed digging sand,” said Rogan. “When I saw him, I was drunk already. I was drinking right after the fight. I saw him and was like, ‘F**king Francis bro! You’re f**king huge,'” said Chito to Rogan.

“I was like, ‘Aye how big is your d**k? Tell me when to stop’ and he’s like ‘You’re very funny brother,'” said Marlon Vera. “I was grabbing thinking, ‘are you f**king real?’ I had six shots of whiskey in my head already. He was trying to laugh but he is a pretty decent guy and doesn’t f**k around too much. I was like, ‘Holy sh*t Francis, I ride so many horses, no one is as hard as you!'”

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What is next for Chito Vera in the octagon?

Chito Vera UFC
Chito Vera has big ambitions for 2022

Marlon Vera is currently ranked #8 in the UFC ranking list for the bantamweight division. The fighter is a veteran of the sport and has a record of 18-7-1 in his professional career. He has been in the UFC for a long time, making his debut in the year 2014, against Marco Beltran. Vera is looking to fight at least three times in 2022 and his first bout of the year comes against a very skillful opponent.

Vera is booked to headline a UFC Fight Night 208 in a fight against Rob Font in May. The two fighters will take on each other for five rounds in the main event and look to come out as the winner. Vera is taking on #5 ranked Font, and a win against him could see “Chito” seeping into the top 5 rankings of the bantamweight division where he could be just two fights away from a possible title shot.

Do you think Vera could finally fulfill his championship dreams in 2022?

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