Conor McGregor parents: Does the UFC superstar come from a wealthy background?

Conor Mcgregor has the highest net worth of all MMA fighters. Check out details about his parents and their influence on McGregor.

Conor McGregor parents: Does the UFC superstar come from a wealthy background?

Conor McGregor, Margaret McGregor (mother),Tony McGregor(father) ( via : MMA Junkie/The Irish Sun)

Conor McGregor is the UFC’s biggest draw out of all the fighters on the roster. His trash-talking and fighting style generated millions of PPV buys for the UFC. He became the first Irish fighter to win a UFC championship and the first Double Champion in UFC history. His fame reached the heights where he was not only considered the face of the UFC, but his name became synonymous with the world of MMA. Conor McGregor’s parents had an instrumental role to play in his career.


Conor McGregor’s meteoric rise had very humble beginnings. Conor would not be what he is today if not for his family. His Father, Tony McGregor, gave Conor a stable childhood and drove him around for kickboxing and football practice. His mother, Margaret McGregor, convinced Conor not to give up on his dreams during hardships. If not for his parents, we would never have a star like Mcgregor and iconic UFC moments. Check out the details of Conor McGregor’s parents:

Who are Conor McGregor’s parents?

Conor McGregor was born to Margaret McGregor and (Anthony) Tony McGregor on 14th July 1988. Tony met Margaret in their early teenage years while walking to the school near Ringsend Tech. They started dating when they were 16, and five years later were married at St. Andrew’s church in 1980. The duo has been married for over four decades now.

conor mcgregor parents
Tony and Margaret ( via : The Irish Sun)

Tony McGregor was born in Liverpool, England, and moved to Ireland to live with his extended family until he grew older. Margaret McGregor, on the other hand, was born in Queen’s Terrace, Dublin. Tony and Margaret are extremely proud of their son’s accomplishments and support him during his controversies. Conor’s brash behavior and trash talk stem from his father.


Where do Margaret and Tony McGregor live?

Tony and Margaret McGregor saved their earnings for three years to buy their first house in Crumlin in north Ireland. The couple and three kids lived in a two-bedroom flat in the inner city. They moved to a bigger house when Conor was five years old. This house had a three-bed semi and two bathrooms. In 2005, they moved to a three-story, five-bedroom house in Laraghcon estate in Lucan, west of Dublin.

conor mcgregor family
Conor McGregor family (via : The Irish Sun)

Tony and Margaret McGregor still live there while their children have moved out. Conor McGregor paid off the mortgage on the house. He also gifted them a white Mercedes and a BMW after he made big bucks in his UFC career.

What did Conor Mcgregor’s parents do for a living?

Tony McGregor started as a technician’s apprentice and worked for a year. However, he didn’t feel satisfied and started working in a factory. But he quit that job, invested in his taxi, and became a cabbie. Tony was a cabbie for 26 years before he retired. He worked rigorously at night and spent time with his family during the day.

Tony McGregor
Tony McGregor job ( via : The Irish Sun)

After Tony retired from being a cabbie, he became a celebrant. He performs duties to the public as a member of the church and organization. Margaret McGregor, on the other hand, was a housewife and raised her three kids. While her work history remains unclear, she did work as a Laundry worker in her early days.


What is the estimated net worth of Conor Mcgregor’s parents?

While both parents are not nearly as rich as Conor, they were able to provide a stable life for their three kids. Working as a taxi driver earned Tony enough to care for his kids and save for a bigger house.

conor mcgregor parents net worth
Tony McGregor ( via : The Irish Sun )

Conor McGregor’s massive success in his career also translated to financial success. McGregor changed his family’s lives all around with financial success. No specific amount or income has been mentioned by Tony or Margaret McGregor. However, the parents of multi-millionaire Conor McGregor might also have a few million to their name.

Margaret and Tony McGregor’s young photos

No young pictures of Tony McGregor are made public. However, Tony Mcgregor is one of the biggest reasons Conor McGregor got into MMA. Tony himself practiced boxing since he was a kid. He took Conor to the Crumlin boxing club to train him. However, Conor later switched to kickboxing and started losing interest in boxing.

Margaret Mcgregor with Tony Mcgregor
Margaret and Tony McGregor ( via : independent .ie)

While no records of Margaret Mcgregor’s youth have been made public, Tony Mcgregor described how she was when they first met. Tony said it was love at first sight and to this day, Margaret remains the most beautiful woman he has ever known.


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