“U Fight Cheap,” Cris Cyborg goes off on major MMA promotion for 2021 reports

Cyborg was in tenure with the promotion between the period of 2016-2018. Currently, she is the women's featherweight champion at Bellator MMA.

Cris Cyborg and UFC President Dana White

At one point of time, no one thought there was an end to Cris Cyborg‘s dominance in women’s MMA. Cyborg has been into women’s MMA since 2005, after losing her debut, Cyborg never faced a loss for 13 straight years until the great Amanda Nunes figured her out in December of 2018. Although a veteran, Cyborg wasn’t around or into the UFC for a very long before her departure for Bellator MMA.

This was attributed for many reasons, for long before the onset of women’s featherweight division, Cris Cyborg wanted to enter into the UFC but President Dana White and her used to despise each other to bad extents. Besides that, Cyborg was long held by the thought of not being able to make bantamweight, which was the heavier one of only two women’s divisions in MMA back then. Her weight-cutting issues have been one of the saddest ones in MMA history.

Former UFC-champion Cris Cyborg reacts to the UFC’s third quarter earnings from the major holding company

Ari Emanuel- Cris Cyborg

UFC, which is now a publicly-traded company as well, has been under the parenthood of a major holding company by the name of Endeavor Group Holdings since the time its parent organization, WME IMG brought the promotion.

Moving on, recently, Endeavor CEO and American Businessman Ari Emanuel recently reported the third-quarter earnings from the UFC (h/t MMA Fighting). Endeavor posted $1.4 billion in revenue for the quarter with a net income of $63.6 million, a huge swing from the pandemic-stricken 2020 where losses were at $21.8 million at this same time last year.


The UFC reported revenue of $288 million for the quarter, which is actually down from 2020, but the figure is primarily due to a $25 million contract termination fee paid to the UFC last year that obviously did not repeat a year later. The UFC also saw an increase in revenue during the third quarter of 2020 due to the event schedule being pushed back to later in the year because of the global pandemic. (h/t MMA Fighting)

As of Sept. 30, Endeavor had cash on hand of $1.029 billion, up from the previous quarter where the company had $869.9 million in cash on hand. When 2021 closes, Endeavor expects to see revenue to reach “between $4.89 and $4.95 billion.” (h/t MMA Fighting)

In response to this news as posted by MMA Fighting, Cris Cyborg said on Twitter, “U Fight Cheap. More and more big names going to leave and be replaced with contender series contracts.” Cyborg is obviously referring to the many UFC releases that shocked the fans around the world which included Yoel Romero, Junior Dos Santos, Alistair Overeem and many more.

With that said, UFC President Dana White’s ‘Tuesday Night Contender Series’ is on a rise looking out for young talents and handing the most impressive winners a contract into the company. What do you think of Cris Cyborg’s take on the situation, do you think the long time fighting figures in the UFC should be released on their own terms or do they need to be cut off by the company for its growth to bring in new talents?

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