“You see Charles Oliveira, he just became the lightweight champion after, what, 10 years,” Darren Till talks about seeking inspiration from Charles Oliveira

The UFC Middleweight fighter Darren Till talks about seeking inspiration from the newly crowned Lightweight champion Charles Oliveira.

Darren Till and Charles Oliveira
Darren Till and Charles Oliveira

On this Sunday at UFC 262, Charles Oliveira claimed the vacant UFC lightweight title and become the undisputed king of the lightweight division. With this, he also set a record for fighting the maximum number of fights in the promotion before winning the title.

It took 11 years for Charles Oliveira to claim the UFC gold and this will serve as an inspiration to the younger generations. Not only this, even some of the biggest stars in UFC like Darren Till aims to seek inspiration for Oliveira.

While talking to Michael Bisping on Believe You Me, podcast, Till says, “I take inspiration from a lot of things and you see Charles Oliveira, he just became the lightweight champion after, what, 10 years, 11 years? How many losses? How many wins? How many setbacks?”

“How much being looked over? So that for me is a big factor, knowing that I’m 28, I haven’t been in MMA that long, only a few years, and I feel like I’m at my prime in the next year or two.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

Darren Till is currently ranked at number 6th in the Middleweight division and he is being booked to face Derek Brunson in his next fight. Till is one of the promising Middleweight contenders but he only managed to win one out of his last four fights.

Darren Till is confident like Oliveira his time will also come

Darren Till
Darren Till

Darren Till was booked to face Marin Vettori in April, but he broke his collarbone and was forced out of this fight. Now Vettori will face Israel Adesanya at UFC 263 and if Till was not forced out of this fight, maybe he would have faced Adesanya.

But Till is okay with it and he believes like Oliveira, his time will also come. He added, “Let Marvin have his shot. Congrats on getting it and all that, I’ve sacrificed too much f***ing s*** in my life to get to this point in my life and be like, ‘Yeah man, I’m happy I was a top-three UFC fighter.’”

Darren Till continued, “A lot of people get to the UFC and they feel like they’ve achieved, ‘Oh, I’m in the UFC.’ I ain’t happy with just being in the UFC… I’ve sacrificed too much f***ing s***. I’ve never had another job. I’ve never done any other s*** in my life. I’ve gone through hell and I’ve got to this point.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

“I’m not prepared in any way, shape, or form to take any steps back. In fact, every day I feel like I’m more violent to get what I want. In retrospect, I’m not gonna let no one or nothing stop me. I know for a fact in my life I will be a UFC champion. There just ain’t no two ways about it.”

Now, Till is eyeing to get a big win against his next competitor, Derek Brunson, and enter the top 5 rankings once again.

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