“It is him,” Dustin Poirier announces rebooking Nate Diaz, fight to happen sooner than you would expect

“It is him,” Dustin Poirier announces rebooking Nate Diaz, fight to happen sooner than you would expect

Dustin Poirier-Nate Diaz

After all, we should’ve expected this but UFC Lightweights Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz might fulfil fans’ wishes and that too very earlier than expected. The first time ever Poirier and Diaz were scheduled to clash, they were supposed to fight back in November of 2018 at UFC 230. It’s a different conversation that the fight didn’t happen due to failed negotiations on either side.

But here they are and the magnitude of their stardom is obviously way bigger now than it was in 2018. Both Poirier and Diaz will be coming off a loss from their last fight with Diaz losing a unanimous decision to Leon Edwards at UFC 263 and Poirier losing the title fight against UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira at UFC 269. Regardless, both are two of the most fan-favourite fighters in this era of the sport and this fight couldn’t happen at a much better time after an amazing 2021 for the company.

More on Dustin Poirier vs Nate Diaz fight announcement

Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier
Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier

Poirier came to give an interview on his much-visited podcast hosted by legendary boxing trainer Teddy Atlas and Ken Rideout. The podcast titled “The Fight With Teddy Atlas” brought in Poirier as a guest to talk about his loss to Oliveira and psychology as of now and for the future in fighting.

It was much later in the podcast that Poirier felt light after discussing all the questions that he has been facing by himself in his fighting life. Poirier then discussed his current routines associated with training through which it was figured out, particularly by co-host Ken Rideout that Poirier may be readying himself to fight UFC megastar Diaz. Poirier then finally broke major news.

“Hey look, I owe these guys, nothing man, I’m not biting my tongue, it is Nate Diaz, said Poirier “And just like he got on Twitter, I’m not gonna say what card, I’m not going to say a date or whatever. But he got talking on Twitter you know, everybody’s a tough guy and this guy really fights, I am a fan of him, but everybody’s a tough guy on the internet,” continued Poirier.

“He said let’s do it, I said okay, I will fight you this month… it’s definitely less than six weeks from now, I said yes, now we’re waiting on him, Poirier concluded. Poirier and Diaz are going to fight at welterweight since Poirier is confident that he can make the welterweight of 170-lbs even tomorrow.

What do you make of Poirier’s announcement regarding the progress of the fight deal with Diaz? Who do you think wins this one? Poirier’s calibre is self-explanatory considering his last fight was nothing but a title shot and that too for a second time in his career. For sure Poirier is right there on the top 3 best boxers of the UFC, but Diaz’s grit inside the octagon to go at war for 15-25 minutes straight has tested the endurance of many UFC fighters.

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