“This guy didn’t train”- Gilbert Burns was surprised by Jorge Masvidal’s condition for his fight against Colby Covington at UFC 272

Gilbert Burns was rooting for Jorge Masvidal against Colby Covington, but he was surprised by his bad condition and wrestling.

Gilbert Burns on Jorge Masvidal
Gilbert Burns on Jorge Masvidal

Gilbert Burns reacts to Covington vs Masvidal! The main event of UFC 272 was headlined by the grudge match between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington. These two were former best friends, but a series of unfortunate events made them hate each other, and things got so bad, that these two started training at different gyms to avoid any conflict.

After a lot of back and forth, these two finally got the chance to settle their beef inside the octagon. Covington talked a lot of sh*t coming in this fight, and Masvidal promised to make him pay inside the octagon. These two started out pretty evenly, but Covington soon gained the upper hand with his advanced wrestling.

His pace and pressure were too much for Masvidal, and Covington dominated him for all five rounds to get the victory. Masvidal came out and accepted his wrestling was sloppy, but Stephen A. Smith was furious over his statement. In his response video, he said, “I saw Masvidal and he was gutsy and survived the five rounds, waving Covington on, ‘come on, let’s get some more.’ He was literally using two security personnel to lean on because that’s how exhausted he was.

“This is a fight I want in the future”– Gilbert Burns is interested in a fight against Colby Covington

Gilbert Burns on Colby Covington
Gilbert Burns on Colby Covington

Gilbert Burns wanted Masvidal to win this fight because he hates Covington so so much. He was also surprised by Masvidal’s shape, and he believes he wasn’t prepared for this fight. In an interview with MMA Fighting, he said, “I wanted Masvidal to win, but when he got in there, you could see he wasn’t shredded, he wasn’t in shape, you could see some spare tire. I was like, ‘Damn, this guy didn’t train that hard.’ And it went down as I expected — Colby taking him down, a boring fight. Colby is good with the takedowns, has good volume, but I don’t think he’s exceptional with his striking, doesn’t have heavy hands or kicks that hurt.”

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Talking about Covington, he said, “He has this annoying volume of taking you down and staying on top, but doesn’t have effective jiu-jitsu, won’t take you down and finish you, won’t ground and pound you like Khabib, who rips you apart. This is a fight I want in the future. It was a good performance but not something we didn’t expect. It wasn’t like, ‘Wow, he killed the guy.’ He won, but no big deal.”

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