“He ain’t some racist dude”- Francis Ngannou’s team responds to Dana White’s belt and press conference snub

Francis Ngannou's team reacts to Dana White not putting the belt around his waist after he retained his heavyweight title at UFC 270.

Dana White(L), Francis Ngannou(R)
Dana White(L), Francis Ngannou(R)

We all know the drama regarding Francis Ngannou’s contract negotiations. Ever since he became the heavyweight champion, back in 2021, he was asking for a better contract. He went on an all-out war against the UFC, and even after defending his throne at UFC 270, things aren’t looking very good for him.

After beating Ciryl Gane at the main event of UFC 270, Dana White wasn’t there to put up the belt around his waist, Mick Maynard wrapped the belt around his waist, and Dana didn’t even attend the post-fight press conference. Many speculated that this had something to do with the ongoing beef between Ngannou, and the UFC.

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Ngannou coaches recently appeared on a podcast with Helen Yee and The Schmo, they talked about this incident, and how it affected Ngannou all throughout the fight week, Erick NickSick said, “None of us really cared, like yeah I think it kind of got made a big deal and you know the backstory yes, it’s because of the things that went on, but none of us cared, I mean he won, and whatever Dana decides to do he’s a grown man that’s up to him.”

He added, “To be quite fair, none of us really cared. You know I think he should’ve done it in looking back because I know those guys were trying to mend fences and make things works, but unfortunately, the way the media has spun it, they think that Dana you know was kind of a bad job on his part, none of us carer. You know we all love Mick Maynard, Mick’s great so it is what it is, we won that’s all that mattered to us, you know anybody could put the belt around them and fu**ing we would have been happy no matter what.”

“The objective was victory man”- Francis Ngannou and his team weren’t concerned about his beef with the UFC

Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou

Dewey Cooper is a long-time friend of Dana, and he clearly stated that even though they weren’t concerned about these things, on a personal level he felt a little bad that he wasn’t there because he knows Dana is a good dude. He said, “The objective was victory man like I said we ain’t give a fu*k about nothing else, we wanted Francis to be safe as he possibly could because we knew about the ramifications going into the fight, about the irreversible damage, and him being on the bum leg still, still won on a bum leg above a bum knee.”

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He added, “Anyway, we didn’t care about that, I will say let me backtrack, I’ve been knowing Dana White way before this UFC sh*t started man, I’ve been knowing Dana since before the UFC was bought out you know, when it got sold to the Japanese company, etc. Dana used to be a coach at our gym, we’re all at the same gym called United Champions, so Dana White and I’ve been friends for way before this UFC sh*t popped off. So, at the moment, we’re just so thrilled about Francis showing that good old fashioned wrestling and winning the fight but when people start talking about it at the post-fight I was a little like, ‘That wasn’t cool Dana,’ because I know the real Dana, he ain’t some racist dude.”

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