“He memorizes the lines”- Kayla Harrison on Colby Covington’s ‘Chaos’ character

According to Colby Covington's old teammate Kayla Harrison at American Top Team, Covington's persona is scripted and fake. Here is a story

Kayla Harrison And Colby Covington
Kayla Harrison And Colby Covington

Kayla Harrison reveals Colby Covington had to prepare himself to play the character in UFC. 

Colby Covington is currently one of the biggest Pay-per-view superstars of UFC. Most of the credit for his success goes to his ability to draw immense attention from fight fans. 

Everybody likes to see two fighters going all out against each other in verbal exchanges. And the ‘Chaos’ is the master of it. Covington’s trash-talking is extremely ugly and harsh and it serves as great entertainment for the fans. He doesn’t hold back at all when it comes to throwing insults at his opponents. 

But it wasn’t like this before, Covington has revealed that earlier his approach was different but UFC considered him as a boring fighter. Then the fighter thought of changing his persona in order to fit in the system created by the promotion and it worked wonders for him.

Kayla Harrison on Colby Covington playing a character

Kayla Harrison Colby Covington
Kayla Harrison talks about Colby Covington’s persona

Harrison recently joined ESPN MMA’s Marc Raimondi for an interview. During the interview, the fighter opened up about former American Top Team training partner Covington. 

While talking about Covington, Harrison explained that when she used to know him he was a very shy and polite individual. But later on, he had to force himself to play the character in order to achieve the success that he got. Harrison revealed that the whole persona created by Covington is so fake and scripted. According to the fighter, it looks like Covington had to practice all the dialogues to play the character.

“He’s reserved. You know he’s a shy guy, he’s not naturally I think outgoing. I think he had to force that out of him to become the star that he is today….Not from the Colby that I know. It’s all a character, I mean like to the point where it’s like scripted like he memorizes the lines,” said Harrison

It’s very common to see athletes play a certain character or behave a certain way to make themselves more interesting. This helps them to get more attention from fans and sell more pay-per-views.

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