“He would’ve dusted him”- Coach Dewey Cooper Claims a Fit Francis Ngannou Would Have Made Short Work of Ciryl Gane

“He would’ve dusted him”- Coach Dewey Cooper Claims a Fit Francis Ngannou Would Have Made Short Work of Ciryl Gane

Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou, with an injured knee, out-wrestled Ciryl Gane to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Ngannou surprised the world with his wrestling-heavy game plan and took out the biggest threat for his UFC HW championship. Later we get to know about the knee injury and that made the performance even better.

Ngannou’s coach Dewey Cooper suggested that if Ngannou competes without the knee injury, he would have an easier fight with Gane. They were confident in Ngannou that even with the injury, he will get the job done.

“We all expected him to out grapple him, out wrestle him, out jitsu him and outstrike him. That was our expectation going into the fight regardless of the odds and all of that. We felt very comfortable thought that Francis was gonna win the fight even with the really bad injury; had not been for the injury guys, he would’ve dusted him way easier. With the injury, we still felt confident enough to know he could still pull out a victory and that’s exactly what happened.”

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Will the rematch between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane a realistic fight

Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane
Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane

Ngannou was 2 rounds down and looked tired on the feet. However, at the end of the third round, Ngannou looked like the fresher fighter. He turned the script and introduced the unknown skills from his pocket. Ngannou saw Gane break in the corners before the start of the 4th round. This gave him the confidence to go five rounds and win the fight.

Gane wants his rematch with Ngannou and doesn’t want the champion to leave before they can step inside the octagon one more time. Gane is still raw in MMA and has the age on his side for the HW fighters.

It is interesting to see how the contract negotiation between Ngannou and the UFC goes. Will Ngannou stay with the UFC if yes, will he ever come across the cage with the predator again?

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