“He’s very intimidating”- Brandon Moreno reveals his honest opinion of Deiveson Figueiredo

Brandon Moreno talked about why he was hesitant fighting Deiveson Figueiredo the first time and how Figueiredo likes to intimidate his opponents inside the octagon. Moreno thinks Figueiredo will be smarter in his approach this Saturday.

Brandon Moreno

Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo are going to compete in a unique trilogy fight for the UFC flyweight championship. This Saturday’s co-main event will see two fighters competing in back to back to back fights. Moreno leads the trilogy with the victory in the second fight, meanwhile, the first fight was a majority draw with Figueiredo winning on one scorecard. Important to note that the first fight had a point deduction for Figueiredo. The first fight, between these two, was given the ‘fight of the year‘ honor.

Moreno, talking about the first fight, revealed that he found Figueiredo to be very intimidating before the first fight. Figueiredo likes to paint himself as the tough bad guy and try to intimidate his opponent. Moreno was a bit hesitant in the first fight as he was bitting into the mystic of Figueiredo. Moreno, after the first fight, felt the power, speed, distance, and the presence of Figueiredo and believed he could get his hand raised in the second fight. Moreno captured the belt in the second fight in a one-sided contest.

Moreno, when asked about what kind of approach he is expecting from the former champion, said, “I’m expecting maybe a combination, both. Figueiredo trying to be a little bit more smart but at the same time trying to get that skill. I feel like the biggest ability of Figueiredo is, he’s big, he punch hard, he is very intimidating. He tried to intimidate all his opponents in the octagon. So I’m expecting the same wild fighter but a little bit more smart at the same time.”

“First fight against him, talking about my thoughts about that fight. I was trying to very careful because Figueiredo came with all this fame like amazing fighter, he’s a monster, he can knock you out with just one punch. I was very careful about him and his abilities. Second fight after the first one knowing about his power, knowing about all his skills. I was more confident on myself and I did my job.”

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Brandon Moreno does not buy that training with Henry Cejudo will make a Figueiredo a different fighter

Deiveson Figueiredo
Deiveson Figueiredo

Brandon Moreno, when asked if he Figueiredo may be a different fighter since he has been training with Henry Cejudo, said, “A completely different fighter, NO. Not hundred percent but I’m expecting, talking about the technical part, Figueiredo with new skills, maybe with new weapons so”

Moreno fell into the same hype, we all fell into with Figueiredo before their first fight. The damage, he did in Joseph Benevidaz’s fights, and the way he beat Alex Perez, we all thought Figueiredo to be a long-reigning dominant champion who can’t be touched. Moreno felt everything in their first fight and was confident to beat the champion and he did exactly. The former champion though stated that he was distracted with things outside fighting and he is focused to get the belt this time around. With both fighters locked in, this fight may be an early contender for the fight of the year.

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