“You’re gonna look at me and realize that it’s over you can’t beat me,” Israel Adesanya promised Marvin Vettori that he will finish the job at UFC 263

Israel Adesanya promised Marvin Vettori that he will finish the job this time, and he will leave him no doubt that he's better than him and there's nothing Vettori can do about it.

Israel Adesanya Marvin Vettori
Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori

The middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is going to defend his throne against the rising “Italian Dream” Marvin Vettori, Vettori lost the first fight against Adesanya back in April 2018, he lost the fight via split decision, and he still believes that he won that fight and is looking to get his revenge by taking the belt from Adesanya this time.

Recently both of them appeared in an interview with Michael Bisping, where he asked both of them a couple of questions, he asked both of them how are they feeling moving in this fight, Vettori mentioned that he believes he won the fight last time as well, and this is his destiny to win the belt, to which Adesanya told that he is delusional and this time he will finish the job.

He said, “This time I’m gonna finish the job, last time you had hope…you had hope because one dumb judge gave you that f*king fight, when everyone else saw you lost that fight, so this time I’m gonna make sure that I finish the job so you’ll have no doubt, you’re gonna look at me and realize that its over you can’t beat me, there’s nothing you can do.”

“You ain’t no nightmare you’re the Italian wet dream,” Israel Adesanya trolled Marvin Vettori in their interview

Israel Adesanya Marvin Vettori
Israel Adesanya warns Marvin Vettori

Bisping asked Izzy that this is Vettori’s first time-fighting in a five rounded contest so how does that affect the outcome of the first, to which replied in the most sarcastic way possible, he said, “Well, I mean I’ll tell you one thing you see these nostrils they take in all the oxygen in the room I don’t get tired at all not once he starts mouth breathing at the end of the first round, he starts moth breathing at the end of first-round he’s never seen this.”

Adesanya thinks Vettori is obsessed with him, he said, “He’s like that crazy ex-girlfriend that you dump and who won’t leave you, she’s just stalking you scratching your car coming to your workplace harassing you scratching you everywhere.”

Things got a little heated just as the interview was ending, Adesanya said that Gastelum had every right to call him out after their fight and he deserved the rematch more than him, but he didn’t because he’s a man, “Gastelum has every right to come at me but he doesn’t but he’s actually a man who believes he will see me again.”

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