“It was getting boring beating up TJ & Snooze”- Henry Cejudo is hungry to devour the new champ

Henry Cejudo explains focussing on personal life leads to his retirement after Dana White bashed him in post fight conference of UFC Vegas 46. Cejudo says he is ready to make a comeback again and wants UFC to give him an opportunity to become C4.

Henry Cejudo TJ Dillashaw Dominic Cruz
Henry Cejudo, TJ Dillashaw, and Dominic Cruz

Dana White slammed Henry Cejudo in the UFC Vegas 46 post-fight press conference. White wanted nothing to do with Cejudo coming back and fighting for the title. White shuts down any talks about Cejudo moving up the division and jumping the line. According to White’s knowledge, Cejudo is retired and he should stop requesting title fights. White expressed it as ‘f**king silly conversation‘ when media members mentioned it in the post-fight press conference. Cejudo came out and said, giving time to family was the reason he retired.

Henry Cejudo Dana White
Henry Cejudo with family and Dana White

“Dana, I needed a break. I got married, had a kid and am now rejuvenated.”

Henry Cejudo has now come with an explanation on why he took the break from fighting and how is ready to come back and get the fourth belt. Cejudo made fun of how he made easy work of Tj Dillashaw and Dominic Cruz. Cejudo revealed that giving time to his personal life was the reason for his hiatus and he has cleared his mind and wants to fight for the featherweight title. Cejudo also mocked White for giving title shots to the likes of McGregor and GSP.

Henry Cejudo TJ Dillashaw Dominic Cruz
Henry Cejudo, TJ Dillashaw, and Dominic Cruz

Here’s what Cejudo wrote: “It was getting boring beating up TJ Pillashaw in under a minute and Dominick Snooze in 2. I wanna be 4C. If I beat up an old guy at a bar and learn how to Riverdance will you give me a shot?”

Dana White has plans for Henry Cejudo at Featherweight but there’s a condition

Henry Cejudo Dana White
Henry Cejudo, Dana White

Dana White, in the past week, has shut down Cejudo’s offer to fight for the UFC FW championship but in the post-fight press conference, he did mention one condition where Cejudo could give the opportunity he badly desires. White added that he comes back at 135 and wins the belt then they could talk about him moving up. Let’s see if Cejudo would come back at 135 or is he reluctant to make the come back only for the 145 belt.

Here’s what White said, “If he wants to come back and try to win the title again in his weight class and then talk about moving up or doing something else but you don’t just pop up and start calling somebody names and think that you are going to get a title shot in a different weight class when you’ve been retired for two and half years.”

Earlier Cejudo showed his frustration for White’s reasons for the UFC not giving him the opportunity to go for the third belt. Cejudo took the example of how GSP in similar circumstances got the nod to challenge for the second belt.

Dana White is a great promoter and is definitely interested in doing with Triple C but White has been known to be a fantastic manipulator. He knows Cejudo wants more money for his come-back fight so he’s been bashing him to get any leverage. Cejudo, who has a decent enough fan base, is not a superstar like McGregor, Diaz, or Masvidal. This conversation has been there for his years but now that Cejudo has said he is ready to fight and White has made a challenge to win the BW belt first, Cejudo would probably accept the challenge or he might fight for the one number contender at featherweight.

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